Friday, January 10, 2014

My Black Friday

Things started off pretty good this morning. Was amp to go to work. Prepare to go to gym, brought my track suit together, got my pink The Simpsons t-shirt on and off to work I go. It was drizzling, Kerinchi link was busy but traffic was smooth as usual.

Thing went south pretty fast. I am still trying to digest what had just happened. I remember overtaking an MPV, then there is a slight bend on the road then I lost control of my steering wheel, lost my spectacles, lost all sense of direction, I hear a loud crash and then saw the Federal Highway right in front of me. I pray that my car to just stop spinning and no go over the divider. My prayer was answered. The car stopped.

I was disoriented. I can't see anything apart from the emergency light button on my dashboard. In the midst of all the frenzy, I try to look for my specs. Couldn't find it. I saw someone approach my car. I open my car door, shaking all over my body. Told the guy to help me look for my specs as I can't see a thing. Both of us got on our knees and start searching but no avail. The guy asked me to straighten my car as I am blocking the road. I just asked me to do it for me as I cannot drive without my specs. Once he straighten my car, we keep on looking for that specs of mine.

10mins after the accident, he found my specs. It was in the pocket of the passengers door. How the hell did it get there?

The incident keeps playing in my head. How the heck did it happened. Was I going to fast? Did I spun out of control? I did lost control but because I lost my specs I just couldn't see what had happened. I got a headache each time I try to comprehend the whole incident.

I am just grateful that I am still alive, I am unharm, not even a scratch. The airbag did not open up. I am not sure whether its a malfunction or I did not bang the car hard enough.

I survived my black Friday, thank you Lord!

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