Thursday, March 5, 2015

What is Life All About?

I have a friend who told me that sometime she feels that this life is meaningless. She live to work and then got sick and die. Life to her is too short and pointless to think about.

Well, she got one thing right. Life is short. After listening to lots of religious speeches, I now know that this life is not only short it is a test. A long drawn test and the result can only be seen in the Hereafter. As a single person I am tested with loneliness. Thus I need to find solace with the right companions, healthy activities, spending time wisely worshiping Allah. I must admit, I have not been doing as well as I should have.

Married people are tested with loyalty. Do you stay with the person you married through thick and thin or do you leave them once there is an opportunity?

Old people are tested with sickness. Going in and out of hospitals. Spending time in bed. Incapable of taking care of your own-self. Feeling helpless all the time.

In short, we are being tested every single day. In my opinion, every single test no matter what it is are a test of faith. Patience. Do you have the patience of waiting for the right person. Do you have the patience of going through hardship with your spouse, do you have the patience to recover from your illness.

Do you have the patience to pray to God, asked for His forgiveness, to ask for His Guidance and Blessings. It true that the act of worship is heavy and hard but not for the true believer.

I pray that all of us is granted His taufik and hidayah, and may all of us is steadfast in our deen.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

February Concluded

A short but eventful month. It is a very short working month for me as I think, I worked less than 10 days last month. I took several days of leave to be with my dad at IJN. I took 1 day of extra leave for CNY, then I had to take 3 more emergency/compassionate leave due to the passing of my grandfather.

Yes, the family patriarch had left us forever. He is in a better place,  I pray to God that He is merciful and grant my Atok Jannah. It has been such a tiring month too be honest. I am glad and grateful that God grant me this strength and ease all the work for me.

I would like to share a more substantial post. I am thinking about Family and Faith. I think that was the theme last month. It was definitely the theme of my life.

I will write it soon, insyaAllah

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