Tuesday, January 27, 2015

17 Pintu Iblis Dalam Menyesatkan Manusia

Sharing of the Day. Hari ni time lunch hour dengar Kuliah yang disampaikan oleh Ustaz Kariman melalui video streaming. Korang boleh tengok video tu kat sini.

Nota ringkas.

Iblis tidak pernah henti-henti berusaha untuk menyesatkan manusia, anak-anak Adam. Even, masa kita beribadah pun iblis cuba untuk sesatkan kita. Itu sebab pentingnya kita mencari ilmu. Amal tanpa ilmu adalah sesuatu yang sia-sia. Ilmu yang dikongsikan hari ini adalah mengenalpasti 17 pintu yang iblis gunakan untuk menyesatkan umat manusia:

  1. Bodoh/Jahil/Tidak berilmu
  2. Marah
  3. Cinta kepada dunia
  4. Panjang angan-angan
  5. Tamak
  6. Bakhil
  7. Sombong/Angkuh/Bongkak
  8. Suka dipuji/Minta dipuji
  9. Riak
  10. Ujub
  11. Suka mengeluh
  12. Mengikut hawa nafsu
  13. Buruk sangka
  14. mencerca/menghina muslim yang lain
  15. meremeh-remehkan dosa
  16. merasa selamat dari seksa Allah
  17. Berputus asa dalam mencari rahmat Allah.

Dalam video tu Ustaz ada elaborate mengenai pintu2 tersebut. So better korang tengok.dengar sendiri kuliah tersebut. Semoga beoleh manafaat, insyaAllah.

Banyak lagi kuliah-kuliah yang dianjurkan oleh Yayasan Ta'lim ni. Kalau korang nak tahu Yayasan Ta'lim ni kat TTDI. Good thing about its classes are diorang ada live streaming. Most classes are also free.Check out their blog here or their website www.yayasantaalim.com

2015 Resolutions - Increasing My Deen

This is the main focus for me this year InsyaAllah. Apart from all the obligatory salah and reading the Quran daily, zikir etc these items listed below are things I want to achieve this year. The checklist is as follow:

  1. Provide financially for my parents on a regular monthly basis
  2. Khatam the Quran 3 times this year.
  3. Enroll on a weekly night class  (Tafseer class every Wednesday night at Masjid Putra, Putrajaya)
  4. Attend at least 5 conference this year (Tickets bought for Marriage Conference 14 Feb, Straight Path Convention 28-29 Mar, Being Me, Love Aisha 13 Jun)
  5. Umrah 2015
  6. Fulfilling half my deen
Its a short list, but if I could them all, alhamdulillah! The main objective is to increase my deen by seeking knowledge. To improve my practise and making me a better muslim that who I was last year.

Item 1 on the list is something I keep reading and listening about it for the past week or so. There is a hadeeth stating that those who has a living parents yet failed to care for them is the worst loser of all. Prophet Muhammad states this to emphasize the importance of caring for your parents. 

For me personally, I have failed to constantly provide financially for them. I used to think that my parents is well taken care of since they have their own money and all but I think having and spending their own money and receiving from their children is different. I always try to pay for things that my parents wants to buy for themselves like clothes etc but I think they rather receive money so they could see how much we have been giving them. I am not sure, really. But I think my mom made it pretty clear that she rather receive money from me then me buying her stuff. Whatever it might be, since prophet already stated that it is an obligation, so, I am going to try my best to constantly provide for them.

As for item 2. Last year, alhamdulillah I manage to complete reading the Quran. Itried completing it during Ramadhan but I failed. This year I am going to try to complete it more than once, InsyaAllah.

Item 3 is something I did last week. I attended the first class with my housemate and my best friend. It was a beneficial class indeed. Apart from getting beneficial knowledge, I also get to pray magrib and isya' with a congregation. Alhamdulillah. I hope to be going to this class every week. InsyaAllah

Item 4 is something I really look forward to. After attending the Twins of Faith Conference, the World of the Unseen last month, I was looking forward to similar events this year. I have 3 conference tickets confirmed and insyaAllah I am going to bought the IlmFest ticket as soon as I get my salary this week! 

Item 5 is beyond my control however, I truly believe that if I am spiritually prepared, Allah shall invite me to be His guest. Since I am still underage, I need my dad to accompany me to the Holy land. My dad is currently awaiting to do a bypass surgery in February. InsyaAllah, once he is recovered, we shall go to Umrah together.

The last item is relating to my spouse. I am not sure whether I am meant to get married and have children in this world or not but I hope and pray that I will meet that someone who could complete my deen and take me and my family to Jannah. InsyaAllah

Monday, January 26, 2015

Sindrom Hujung Bulan

Rasa macam nak pergi jalan2... *sobs

Sindrom hujung bulan. Bila purse kian menipis, nafsu berbelanja tak ikut sama, hati meronta2 (amboih! puitis, phui phui!)

Hari Isnin. Mood kerja dah abis dibakar pagi tadi. Habiskan e-mail2 semua dah send. Tunggu respond pulak. Kepayahan kerja company global, agen  merata dunia ialah different time zone. Kita dah Isnin, yg kat US still nga happy happy on a Sunday. So, waiting and waiting and waiting...

Berbalik kepada craving aku arini nak pergi berjalan, aku asik dok teringat nak g Tioman. To me, it is the best island in Malaysia. Small, ada duty free, clean beach, blue water, a slice of heaven in Malaysia indeed.

Aritu ada plan ngn sisters and housemate ank g tioman. Tapi tu la, plan nak g reramai ni perlukan planning. Aku bab plan memang fail melainkan aku plan utk diri sendiri. Bila involve org lain, banyak benda nak kena maik kira. Leceh!

Nak pergi Tioman sendiri, memang tak la. Banyak kes Tioman ni. Tourist kena rape and kill la. Tourist hilang masa jungle trekking la. Scary k. Takpe la. Hari ni kita berangan dulu. Tahun ni adalah tahum world tour. Banyak tempat nak pergi tapi paling nak pergi, honestly, pergi buat Umrah.

Semoga diri yang hina ini dipanggil untuk m enjadi tetamu Allah dirumahNya insyaAllah.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

2015 Resolutions

Each year, everyone will try to set new resolutions. My friends asked me about my resolutions. I simple told them, I just want to be a better person than I was last year. That's all. Last night I went for a tafseer class. The Ustaz told me that the number of students attending the class will slowly decrease as the years went by. It shows that we are not serious about our knowledge seeking and we do not hold firm to the purpose of knowledge seeking. He reminded us about the purpose of our live on earth which is to be tested. Because of that, I would like to excel in this year's test and stary with having a resolution/plan on how I am going to spend 2015. InsyaAllah...

2 days ago, I was appraised by my superior. Its a yearly thingy. It a good process, in my opinion. It gives us the chance to reflect on what we had done for the past year or so. As 2014 was a trying year for me, my family and also my superior, at the end of the appraisal, we were deeply satisfied that we managed to complete all crucial tasks assigned to us. Alhamdulillah...

We were amazed actually with what we had accomplished. Corporate restructuring, AGM, disposal of land, Safety Day, MashaAllah... there were so many things done and this was accomplished despite the fact that I was admitted for 24 days and I was on hospitalization leave for 60 days!

God is great and Most merciful. With His guidance and blessings we managed to have a great year. So today I am supposed to come up with a list of expectation for 2015. I was supposed to submit it during the appraisal but my initial submission was rejected. My superior would like to know what I am expecting from him as a superior.

It's not that I dislike expectations as it might leave me frustrated it they were not fulfilled, its just that I have learned from my experience that, if you could accomplished something yourself, do it. Don't ask from others. Don't wait around.

Honestly, I have no clue what to tell him. I guess I expect him to be supportive and caring as he has always been. He is a great boss and I could not ask for more. 

Back to my new year resolutions, it consists of a few important matters. First and foremost is my deen. I would like to strengthen my deen by getting more involved in charity works and going to classes. Pray at the masjid as often as I can and read the Quran everyday. Then my family. I would like to be a good and caring daughter. Able to provide emotionally, spiritually and financially for my family. Then my health. I would like to stay lean and fit. Lastly my finance. I would like to be more prudent in managing money.  

I will work out the details in my next post insyaAllah.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sending my Prayers through Malaysia's Clear Blue Sky

Alhamdulillah, all praises to Allah for the most beautiful sky this week. After a month long rain, now it is sunny every morning. So sunny that I could get into an accident if I'm not careful driving as the sun is in my eyes almost every morning. Thank you God for protecting me and keeping me safe on the road.

I think it is important to take some time to appreciate what we have been given instead of complaining on what we do not have or all the problems we are facing in our everyday life. So I am grateful for so many things but most of all I am grateful to be able to see this magnificent blue sky every morning this week.

However, there are people who is blessed with health and wealth yet find it hard to be thankful and keep telling everyone of how terrible his/her life is. How huge his/her problem is and forgetting the fact that there are other people, real people with even more serious problem in their life yet they are strong and steadfast in their course.

I'm not here to be a hater to negative people, just that I am totally frustrated. These people are a reminder for me to look past their faults and look into my life. When I encounter these types of people, I take it as a sign from God asking me to evaluate my life. If I am frustrated with their attitude towards me, do I have the same attitude and am I acting the same way perhaps not to others but to God almighty?

I am quite positive that I have the same attributes to those annoying people that came into my life crying telling me how bad their fate is. Let's look into my life, my action. Everyday (almost) I keep asking for protection, for blessings, for rezk yet I did not do enough to show my gratitude towards what I have been given. I still feel I am lacking in every possible way.

This is a clear sign showing that my deen is still weak. I keep saying this and posting this do I want this?


So, is it enough to recognize the weakness over and over again yet failed to improved my practice? I don't think so...  *sigh*

This is my test. Which I keep on failing. God please forgive me. Please help me to keep my iman.

Monday, January 12, 2015

January: Charlie Habedo, K-Pop Rage, AirAsia Indonesia & Pantai Timur Floods

A shaky start to the year. A plane crash, floods in Pantai Timur, Charlie Habdo Paris attack, K-Pop uproar etc etc.

I didn't mean to be so lazy, but I have been productively churning my work at the office *wink
The truth is, there is so much to be done, it is so hard to focus on anything. Me being me, I complete the easiest tasks first and just put everything else in the back burner until my boss start to ask about them *sigh

What is up with me you might ask. I have a long tasks list from my boss and on top of that I am also a committee member of our company Annual Dinner which is going to be held this Friday! Boss is listing down all that I need to do since appraisal is due sometime next week, he has to attend an annual sales meeting this week and my input is a reflection of his performance during his appraisals with the big boss.

My problem at my workplace seems so small compared to those involved in AirAsia Indonesia's tragedy, huge floods in east coast of Malaysia, those killed in Charlie Hebdo attack and also those involved in the K-Pop concert fiasco last night. I have a friend working with AirAsia Indonesia. Thank God she was on a short break when the disaster strikes. As for the flood situations, I feel sad and blessed both at the same time. I can see love and assistance pouring from all directions to all the victims. It is a soft reminder from God to us Malaysians. It clearly shows that we are protected in Allah's great hands. We are being loved hence the tests.

As for Charlie Hebdo, words cannot described my sadness over the incident. But then again, drawing and insulting our beloved Prophet is not freedom of speech. Then again, killing those involved in the name of Allah, cannot be condoned. One of my favourite speaker, Ustad Nouman Ali Khan rightly point out that no writings, drawings, insults can take away the dignity of our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW as it was bestowed on him by light by Allah, God Almighty. Nothing and no one could take it way. I have to agree with him all the way.

With regards to K-Pop concert fiasco, I would say that the issue became so big due to the fact that those who were invited on stage were Muslims girls in hijab. If they were non muslims or muslim sisters not wearing hijab, I am pretty sure that they wouldn't be such a huge uproar. I do hope that people should stop circulating those embarrassing videos and photos of the fanatics fans. We should concealed our sister's wrong deeds as we pray to Allah that He will concealed ours. So, let's not point fingers and spread hates on a beautiful Monday like today so, I end this post with Nabil the comedian fave catch phrase, "LU PIKIR LA SENDIRI"

Friday, January 2, 2015

Celebrating Birthday at Masjid Putra, Putrajaya

When I was small and young and still living with my parents, I always celebrate my birthday with the family. My birthday celebration was never a huge thing, but there will be food, birthday cakes and drinks and photos.

As I grew older, being away from family, I try to make it a point to come home and still celebrate it with family especially when my birthday is the same day as the new year. Celebrating birthday with my friends are is a rare occasion but its never too late to start a new tradition right? So, starting from this year, I start to
seek solace in the house of Allah and be among the righteous during my birthday. 

Alhamdulillah, God is most merciful. He grant me another day to live and the opportunity to be among the righteous on my birthday. My housemate, a sahabah and I gather with a few hundreds Malaysians at Masjid Putra, Putrajaya on 31st December 2014. The beautiful masjid organised a beautiful event where muslims could gather and pray and give thanks to Allah. There were also talks by the local ustaz. Two siblings join forces that night and share their knowledge. Ustaz Kazim Alias and Ustaz Najmuddin is a good pair. Entertaining yet very fulfilling. 

Through their lectures, they inspire me to have a different type of new year resolution. A simpler one. To focus on doing good deeds. Through their lectures, I was reminded that Jannah is the ultimate goal. It is the greatest gift of all. Thus the price we have to pay for it is very expensive. Let's do all the good deeds we could. Hopefully, it could help to pay for our ticket to Jannah, insyaAllah. 

That night I manage to secure myself some birthday gifts too... A bottle of kismis and Yassin and Zikir CD to be listen to while driving.

I am grateful to be alive, to be surrounded by those who love and care for me. So this year's resolution is about fulfilling my cravings. My soul craves knowledge. My spirit wants to be with positive and loving individuals. I want to spent more time learning about Allah, Prophet Muhammad SAW, the Quran and everything else about being a Muslim. I want to use the time granted by God to me to help others, to make others smile so that my heart too can smile with them.

I pray that Allah shall guide me to the right path. Help me to become steadfast in my deen and grant me patience when my deen is being tested. Aameen...

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