Tuesday, January 27, 2015

2015 Resolutions - Increasing My Deen

This is the main focus for me this year InsyaAllah. Apart from all the obligatory salah and reading the Quran daily, zikir etc these items listed below are things I want to achieve this year. The checklist is as follow:

  1. Provide financially for my parents on a regular monthly basis
  2. Khatam the Quran 3 times this year.
  3. Enroll on a weekly night class  (Tafseer class every Wednesday night at Masjid Putra, Putrajaya)
  4. Attend at least 5 conference this year (Tickets bought for Marriage Conference 14 Feb, Straight Path Convention 28-29 Mar, Being Me, Love Aisha 13 Jun)
  5. Umrah 2015
  6. Fulfilling half my deen
Its a short list, but if I could them all, alhamdulillah! The main objective is to increase my deen by seeking knowledge. To improve my practise and making me a better muslim that who I was last year.

Item 1 on the list is something I keep reading and listening about it for the past week or so. There is a hadeeth stating that those who has a living parents yet failed to care for them is the worst loser of all. Prophet Muhammad states this to emphasize the importance of caring for your parents. 

For me personally, I have failed to constantly provide financially for them. I used to think that my parents is well taken care of since they have their own money and all but I think having and spending their own money and receiving from their children is different. I always try to pay for things that my parents wants to buy for themselves like clothes etc but I think they rather receive money so they could see how much we have been giving them. I am not sure, really. But I think my mom made it pretty clear that she rather receive money from me then me buying her stuff. Whatever it might be, since prophet already stated that it is an obligation, so, I am going to try my best to constantly provide for them.

As for item 2. Last year, alhamdulillah I manage to complete reading the Quran. Itried completing it during Ramadhan but I failed. This year I am going to try to complete it more than once, InsyaAllah.

Item 3 is something I did last week. I attended the first class with my housemate and my best friend. It was a beneficial class indeed. Apart from getting beneficial knowledge, I also get to pray magrib and isya' with a congregation. Alhamdulillah. I hope to be going to this class every week. InsyaAllah

Item 4 is something I really look forward to. After attending the Twins of Faith Conference, the World of the Unseen last month, I was looking forward to similar events this year. I have 3 conference tickets confirmed and insyaAllah I am going to bought the IlmFest ticket as soon as I get my salary this week! 

Item 5 is beyond my control however, I truly believe that if I am spiritually prepared, Allah shall invite me to be His guest. Since I am still underage, I need my dad to accompany me to the Holy land. My dad is currently awaiting to do a bypass surgery in February. InsyaAllah, once he is recovered, we shall go to Umrah together.

The last item is relating to my spouse. I am not sure whether I am meant to get married and have children in this world or not but I hope and pray that I will meet that someone who could complete my deen and take me and my family to Jannah. InsyaAllah

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