Monday, October 12, 2015

Oh October!

All praises to Allah for granting me today.

No posts at all in September. I have no excuse really. Been somewhat down. Felt less enthusiastic. I was not in trouble or anything like that. Perhaps things at work have become a bit challenging.

Challenge is good. It will make you grow. But, its been awhile since I was somewhat stressed at work. With God's assistance, I'm sure i can get thru this. Cannot help but to feel the need to make a move. Somewhere else.

I know that it will be the same. Work will always have moments. Stress and pressure is part of an adult working life. You just have to accept them all with arms wide open. Manage your stress smartly so that the stress would not be managing you.

I feel like looking around but I have yet to start looking. If however my manager decides to go. I might go as well. I do not  think I could handle my Managing Director and all this management drama going on. I'm sure God has His plans. So, I'm letting Him take over.

My career, my love life, my everything. Allah is the best planner, that much I know.

Aiming to write more. In sha Allah. In the meantime, have a blessed Monday.

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