Friday, February 28, 2014


Post ni takde kaitan degan bateri Energizer mahupun arnab pink yg comel tu.

Hari ni buat julung-julung kalinya, company aku buat annual dinner. The last time such event was held was in 2008.

Mulanya aku excited gila. Siap pg cari baju bagai ngan Anna kat Jalan TAR. Today, on the day of the event itself, aku rasa hambar. Reason being, aku rasa energy aku dah ditahap minimum..

The whole week this week I was struggling to wake up every morning. Last night I did not sleep well either. Keep waking up to go to the toilet. I was feeling bloated and crampy. Whenever I feel like I am going to pass gas, I feel scared that I might soil myself.

I feel blessed today. A colleague  offered to take me home so that I can properly change and shower before attending the dinner tonight.

This weekend, aku nak rehat secukupnya. Kemas umah sikit and rehat some more :)

That's all la for today. Time to go freshen up

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Will You Marry Me?

Almost every girl wants to be asked that question. Why? Sometimes you just want to feel that you are cherished and needed by someone as much as you cherish and need that same someone.

But there are times that people are pushed into a marriage. Peer pressure, family pressure, social pressure, financial pressure (just watched My Fake Fiance on LI) and other extenuating circumstances. I would call this type of marriage as marriage of convenience. 

Now there is this trend going around, "bercinta selepas nikah" "falling in love after marriage". Some people suggest that the best way to fall in love is to fall in love after marriage. What if you did not fall in love with that person after you married him/her? What then?

Whichever way you choose, marriage is a game of risk or in other words, a gamble. You make the decision and then you leave it to God and your destiny to determine how the love story going to ends. There is no guarantee that you are going to live happily ever after (unless you a a character in a fairy tale)

As for me, I would get marry if both my partner (I do not know who the heck is he yet) and I wants to get marry. That is the only logical reason behind any marriage proposal. You shouldn't be pushed or forced into a marriage just because your family ask you to or you have come of age or you want a child. The couple must come to a decision that they want to spend the rest of their live with one another because they want to. The decision must be made by just the 2 of them and no one else coz at the end of the day, after you get marry, only both of you can make it work. No one else.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Oh My Mother!

Just received a phone call from my mom. She asked about my weekend plan to go back to Kampar this week. I have already told my dad 2 weeks ago that I will be coming home and I finalized the plan last night with my youngest sister after knowing that she already told mom that she's coming home. (Are you still with me?)

I just got an earful from mom just because we did not tell her that we are coming home this weekend. An earful! Sigh

The moral of the story is this. Just call your mother at least once a week not just when you are in trouble.

Malaysian Traditional Cakes

Since I woke up late and have no time to stop for breakfast, I get myself some traditional cakes from my company's canteen hence the title of the post today.

seri muka
kuih lapis
jemput pisang

I am a bit picky when it comes to these small cakes (kueh). Most of the time I wouldn't buy the ketayap because I know its not going to taste as good as my mom's. My mom's ketayap is always big and fat, and the texture is soft and the taste is sweet!

As for seri muka and kueh lapis, I only bought them if they look chewy and sturdy enough, not sticky, gooey and messy. I love buying these nyonya kueh from nyonya colours. Slightly on the pricey side but  the taste is to my liking. Not too sweet.

Jemput pisang or cekodok, it is my all time favourite. Love having them when its raining outside. It can be eaten for breakfast or tea. The thing about cekodok is this. I always have this notion that you just cannot messed up a cekodok recipe. Been trying to make it myself but I'm not proud of the result. It taste like banana of coz but the physical appearance is strange. Almost always they lay flat on the bottom of my fryer. Strange...

Anyhow, this post is just an introduction to my humble breakfast today. I should have avoid gluten but oh well, let's eat away.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Candy Crave Not Candy Crush

All of the sudden I am craving for candy. I don't know where this sudden craving came from. Its not like I deprived my self from sugar.

I did have several scoops of mint choc chip ice cream last night and a glass of iced caramel latte from Mc Cafe for lunch today.

M thinking of these particular candies...Yummy sweet & sour ribbons

And these...

There are so many candies, but the jelly like, chewy candies are my favourite. I just don't know why I love them so much. I remember there was this one time, during my chambering period, I have a huge jar of these chewy candies on my desk (exactly as the picture above). My supervisor is a guy with a sweet tooth, he really like to come to my room just to steal some candies. Every time he come to have some candies, he will say, "these are poison Farina!" Those were my happy times.

Planning to spend some money on candy today. Its unhealthy I know especially when I just could not stop eating them once I started. I just need to satisfy this cravings somehow. Let's me day dream about these yummy sweet goodness for awhile...

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Chasing the flu away

I was sneezing a lot during discussion with my boss yesterday which worries him a bit. He just told me, "don't get sick" and "please eat some panadol". 

Well I am glad that I took his advice and ate some panadol as it help ease my IBS pain a little. By the end of work day yesterday, I am ready to wear a face mask to avoid the spread of any virus.

However, the panadol did not help with my sneezing. I started to have runny nose so I decided I must chase the flu away by exercising. I was at the gym for almost an hour running, stretching, lifting weight and cycling. I sweat real good.

Once I got home, I was too tired to cook so I end up eating fruits for dinner. I also took 2000mg of flexseed oil to ease my IBS, down it with peppermint tea and I slept like a baby.

Although losing weight is not my main objective, I am so happy knowing that I have lost almost 3kg for the past 1 month. I hope I can keep on losing the weight steadily until I reach my ideal weight. which is 50-60kg. 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Moody, lousy & drowsy

The weather has been so cruel lately. Its hot hot hot. Last weekend, my A/C was on full blast for 24hrs straight, the temperature was lowered to 16'c but still, it is not cooling enough. Normally, the temperature is set to 24'c any lower I will start to shiver, but not last weekend.

I had the lousiest Sunday ever yesterday. My IBS was acting up and I just started my mens. That combo is a sure way to kill my mood. I ended up watching the tv, visiting the toilet every hour or so and cursing each time my bowel throbbed in pain.

Enough of negativity over the weekend. I did not waste the whole weekend moaning tho. On Saturday I managed to send a pile of dirty laundry for cleaning and then scoured the Jalan Masjid India for a pretty dress to wear for my Company dinner. I also had time to go to the hair dresser and get my scalp cleaned and did a relaxer treatment. Now my hair is all straight and tidy :)

 I am all dressed up to go to the gym. I have a bunch of thing to cross from my to do list but here I am updating my blog and feeling slightly drowsy. Probably I will take some coffee before I hit the gym.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Freaky Friday

I thought I can be less dependent to my medicine. I have reduced the frequency of my daily meds dosage whereby  I only take them once daily instead of 3 times as prescribed. It has been ok until today when I purposely skip the meds any only take probiotics.

Now I am feeling crampy. Been to the toilet 4 times since I got to office and its only been 1 hour. My OOTD did not help either when I decided to wear my tight jeans as today is casual Friday.

Damn it hurts so bad rite now!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Happy Birthday Facebook!

I found out that yesterday 4th Feb was Facebook birthday. 10 happy years.

Has it been 10 years? I think I started using facebook when I was doing my chambering. I think that was just 7 years ago. Perhaps facebook took 3 years to finally get to Malaysia, or me at least. Prior to facebook we have friendster and myspace. Both were ok but I was not hook to it or anything. Probably because there were no addicting apps and games then.

I got hooked on facebook when I started working as a lawyer in my hometown. Life at home was super easy and relax. I got so much time to kill at in the office after I finish my court appearances. I get on facebook mainly to chat with my friends who were working far away in KL or Pahang or Sabah. Every time I get to office, I will get on facebook and greet my friends who are online. It feels like they are near me as we talk (chat) almost everyday.

Another thing that I used to do was to play facebook games. I never got addicted to any games until candy crush comes along. I have played farmville and varous other games but never I got hooked to anything like candy crush. There was one point I keep on PM'ing my sisters to give me lives as I have ran out of them. My youngest sister called me a freak.

I think I am at level 400 something now. I rarely play it anymore as I am just busy at work and my office actually restrict access to apps and sometimes facebook. I only play it at home when I am not too tired or when I am bored with Astro.

So, once again I wish Facebook a happy 10th birthday

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Oh My Coffee

I have been actively avoiding caffeine for the past 2 months or so due to the bowel irritation I am experiencing. Finally, I broke my caffeine prohibition. Just to test as to whether my intestine is agreeable or not with caffeine.

Last Sunday I was at Mc Donald having breakfast with  my family. For those who has not try mc. cafe, you should try it. The coffees are good and cheap compared to Starrbucks and the likes. So I ordered small latte for my self. Still trying to limit my caffeine intake you see.

It tasted so good and my bowel did not react any worse afterwards so I am happy. Had half sachet of Ipoh oldtown white coffee yesterday morning, was not feeling any worse either. I had been drinking this coffee since I was 16 years old. Before the brand was even famous. I got addicted to it when I am studying for law. It used to cost only RM9.90-11.90 per bag. Nowadays, it is expensive.

So today, I had Irish latte fredo at Le Moon's cafe at Jade Hills. You can read more about Le Moon's at this blog. I also had smoked salmon croissant. I do have to visit the loo quiet often after the meal. However, I am not sure whether it is the coffee's fault or the croissant. I do not think the croissant is gluten free. So it can be either.

Will try to have another half cup of coffee again tomorrow and see how my body reacts. Low FODMAP diet actually allows coffee intake. As long as I drink it in moderation, I will be fine. (sedapkan ati) I am not supposed to take highly processed food, that would include instant coffee also rite? Sikit je takpe kot (sedapkan ati lagi, nanti sakit perut tanggung la sendirik ye)

Hari Mengantuk

I hereby declare that yesterday, 3/2/2014 was World Sleepy Day.

Cuti lama gila sebab CNY. Aku spent time dengan my family, kat umah my sister in Batu Caves. Melayan anak2 buah yang perangai macam tiny monsters sebab ayah dia takde. Fun memang fun tapi penat siot!

So, Monday KL cuti. Jalan lengang coz ramai yg still cuti. Sepanjang jalan semlam aku rasa macam nak lelap je. Sampai ofis dok pk, nak buat coffee ke tak. Kang aku sakit2 lagi kang tak jadi keje dok kat toilet je nnt. Gagah betul, teruskan kerja dalam ngantuk2 tu. Sampai kol 10, bukak drawer ambil 1 paket Ipoh Old town White Coffee. Tuang dalam mug separuh je. Takut nak minum 1 paket. 2 teguk je dah abis. Then mata terus terbeliak macam burung hantu aku pg tgk kat Taman Burung KL Sabtu aritu. Best giler pg sana. Berbaloi baloi. Mom was happy, budak2 lagi la happy. Mak budak pun happy jugak rasanya. Last pergi tempat tu was more that 10 years ago la. Many have change since. Ok dah lari topik.

Back to my boring story. Ptg semalam balik keje, aku sempat buat chicken stok (simple je rendam ayam dalam air kemudian letak atas api), grab some fruits dalam peti ais, makan ngn kuah rojak pastu terlelap jap dpn tv. Bangun balik, cek chicken stok mandi then konon nak Castle sementara tunggu chicken stok siap, again aku terlelap. Kol 11 bangun, turun bawah, tutup api kat stove kemudian fikir, nak masak mkn malam ke nak tido? Lepas pk 5 saat, naik balik then sambung tido. Kol 2 terjaga, turun again untuk simpan stok ayam dalam fridge pastu sambung tido.

Boleh la aku tak ingat nak set alarm. Kol 7.10 baru terjaga. Sampai ofis, kakak receptionist pun cerita dia terlebih tido malam tadi. Dia cerita la dia tak sempat masak etc etc and cerita dia lebih kurang sama ngn cerita aku. Pastu, lagi sorang budak engineering pun cerita benda sama gak, so dat is why I am declaring that yesterday was World sleepy day! Sekian...

p/s: ketandusan idea...

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