Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Oh My Coffee

I have been actively avoiding caffeine for the past 2 months or so due to the bowel irritation I am experiencing. Finally, I broke my caffeine prohibition. Just to test as to whether my intestine is agreeable or not with caffeine.

Last Sunday I was at Mc Donald having breakfast with  my family. For those who has not try mc. cafe, you should try it. The coffees are good and cheap compared to Starrbucks and the likes. So I ordered small latte for my self. Still trying to limit my caffeine intake you see.

It tasted so good and my bowel did not react any worse afterwards so I am happy. Had half sachet of Ipoh oldtown white coffee yesterday morning, was not feeling any worse either. I had been drinking this coffee since I was 16 years old. Before the brand was even famous. I got addicted to it when I am studying for law. It used to cost only RM9.90-11.90 per bag. Nowadays, it is expensive.

So today, I had Irish latte fredo at Le Moon's cafe at Jade Hills. You can read more about Le Moon's at this blog. I also had smoked salmon croissant. I do have to visit the loo quiet often after the meal. However, I am not sure whether it is the coffee's fault or the croissant. I do not think the croissant is gluten free. So it can be either.

Will try to have another half cup of coffee again tomorrow and see how my body reacts. Low FODMAP diet actually allows coffee intake. As long as I drink it in moderation, I will be fine. (sedapkan ati) I am not supposed to take highly processed food, that would include instant coffee also rite? Sikit je takpe kot (sedapkan ati lagi, nanti sakit perut tanggung la sendirik ye)

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