Monday, February 10, 2014

Moody, lousy & drowsy

The weather has been so cruel lately. Its hot hot hot. Last weekend, my A/C was on full blast for 24hrs straight, the temperature was lowered to 16'c but still, it is not cooling enough. Normally, the temperature is set to 24'c any lower I will start to shiver, but not last weekend.

I had the lousiest Sunday ever yesterday. My IBS was acting up and I just started my mens. That combo is a sure way to kill my mood. I ended up watching the tv, visiting the toilet every hour or so and cursing each time my bowel throbbed in pain.

Enough of negativity over the weekend. I did not waste the whole weekend moaning tho. On Saturday I managed to send a pile of dirty laundry for cleaning and then scoured the Jalan Masjid India for a pretty dress to wear for my Company dinner. I also had time to go to the hair dresser and get my scalp cleaned and did a relaxer treatment. Now my hair is all straight and tidy :)

 I am all dressed up to go to the gym. I have a bunch of thing to cross from my to do list but here I am updating my blog and feeling slightly drowsy. Probably I will take some coffee before I hit the gym.

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