Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Chasing the flu away

I was sneezing a lot during discussion with my boss yesterday which worries him a bit. He just told me, "don't get sick" and "please eat some panadol". 

Well I am glad that I took his advice and ate some panadol as it help ease my IBS pain a little. By the end of work day yesterday, I am ready to wear a face mask to avoid the spread of any virus.

However, the panadol did not help with my sneezing. I started to have runny nose so I decided I must chase the flu away by exercising. I was at the gym for almost an hour running, stretching, lifting weight and cycling. I sweat real good.

Once I got home, I was too tired to cook so I end up eating fruits for dinner. I also took 2000mg of flexseed oil to ease my IBS, down it with peppermint tea and I slept like a baby.

Although losing weight is not my main objective, I am so happy knowing that I have lost almost 3kg for the past 1 month. I hope I can keep on losing the weight steadily until I reach my ideal weight. which is 50-60kg. 

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