Monday, November 14, 2011

The Meaning of My Name

I was blogwalking today... Terjumpa blog 1001 Rahsia Diri. Menarik sgt. 

Just curious about the meaning of my name. Saje nak tgk tepat ke tak tafsiran dia ni. So, i share this with you la k... 

FEveryone loves you.
A - You can be very quiet when you have something on your mind. 
I  -  You are always smiling and making others smile.
R - You are a social butterfly. 
Y -  You cause a lot of trouble
F -  Everyone loves you
A-  You can be very quiet when you have something on your mind. 
R - You are a social butterfly. 
I -   You are always smiling and making others smile.
N-  You like to work, but you always want a break.
A - You can be very quiet when you have something on your mind.

Well, not bad. not 100% tepat, but ok la.. U can try it too, at this link.

Selamat mencuba!

Bahana Paintball

Sabtu lepas, 12/11/2011 buat julung-julung kalinya telah berlangsung aktiviti paintball anjuran ofis aku. Seramai 11 org ahli keluarga firma JGA hadir tetapi hanya 10 saja yg bermain. (Ayat pengenalan, skema tak ingat punya lah!)

Ok ok.. aku unskemakan diri kejap..

Google Image

Kteorg main kat Mudtrekker Kuang Sg. Buloh. Mmg muddy! Mlm tu hujan, pagi tu hujan, main dlm hujan. Mmg selamat la baju, kasut semua. Nasib baik takde pacat.

Kat lengan kiri kena tembak 4 kali

Badan aku lebam-lebam, kaki tangan lenguh2.. Ikut kiraan aku, aku kena tembak sebanyak 7 kali. Sekali tu peluru kena badan tp tak meletup. Sakit giler!

Main 5 round. 1 round je aku kena tembak. hahahah... Pakar menyorok aku ni..

Pengajaran dari aktiviti ni adalah seperti berikut:

1. Jangan main paintball dengan lawyers. Dorang mmg tak reti ikut rules. Buat penat je buat guideline before game start, bila game mula je, buat rules masing2...

2. Paintball adalah game yg sgt best utk teambuilding. Kalau korang dah ada team, tp kerjasama, relationship korang sucks, paintball adalah aktiviti yang bagus untuk balas dendam.

3. Kalau nak main paintball, sila pki t-shirt yg tebal sket, seluar pakai la beberapa lapis. Aku yg pki jeans pun bleh lebam kat kaki. Tension je.

4. Main ngn kawan2 ag best dari main ngn org2 tua yang pk nak menang je. Giler btol.

Ok. Dah abis mengarut dah arini. Sambung lain ari plak.

Friday, November 11, 2011


Weee... Menarik betul tarikh hari ni...

Sebelum ni buat pos pasal 1/11/11, ni 11/11/11... Kawan aku, anak dia lahir hari ni. Best giler birth date dia. M so jealous...hahahah

Aku terbaca satu article pasal tarikh ni dari website Klik sini untuk link to the article.
Pada yg malas nak klik, meh baca kat bawah ni

WEDNESDAY Nov. 9, 2011 — In case you haven’t heard, this Friday is going to be one pretty cool day. Sure, it’s Veterans Day, the start of your weekend, and the date of the DVD release ofHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. But it’s also the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 2011. And many people — from numerologists and gamblers to betrothed and expecting couples — have deemed 11/11/2011 a significantly lucky day.
But what’s really behind all the fuss? Grab your favorite pair of corduroys and your beginner’s guide to blackjack — and check out these (mostly) fortunate facts about Nov. 11, 2011.
1. It’s your lucky day! Brush it off as nothing more than a prime number, but some people look to the number 11 for good luck. Eleven-lauders include certain numerologists, gamblers (especially those betting in blackjack and keno, according to Live Science), and meditation proponents (they believe that the universe is the most open at 11 a.m. and at 11 p.m., numerologist Glynis McCants of told ABC News).
What makes 11 more special than, say, 4, 15, or 3,856? Numerologists associate the number with balance and congruency, and math whizzes think it’s interesting because of little facts like this: If a number is divisible by 11, reverse its digits and that will create another multiple of 11 (for example, 1,056 is divisible by 11 — reverse it to 6,501, and that’s also divisible by 11).
2. Things get even luckier when the clock strikes 11:11. Ever seen someone kiss their watch at precisely 11:11? Just like the date, the time is considered to be lucky by many (and hey, you don’t have to wait every 100 years to boost your karma in this instance — it occurs twice a day, every day). In fact, many people claim that, by chance, they’re always glancing up at the clock when it turns 11:11.
Weird coincidence? Not really. Psychologists chalk this up to apophenia — the tendency to find significance and patterns in data that is actually meaningless. "Cognitive scientists have demonstrated that the human brain is hard-wired to look for meaningful patterns in the sensory data it collects from the world," Alan Lenzi, professor of religious studies at University of the Pacific, told Life’s Little Mysteries.
3. Or is it your unlucky day? For every person on Team 11, there’s also someone who wants nothing to do with what they believe is actually an ill-fated digit. The 16th-century scholar Petrus Bungus said that 11 "has no connection with divine things, no ladder reaching up to things above, nor any merit" — and because of this, many numerologists of his time considered the number to represent pure evil, according to LiveScience.
And it wouldn’t be like Hollywood to let such a momentous occasion pass without making a movie about it. This time, they’re playing to public fears with the horror flick 11-11-11, which comes out in select cities on — you guessed it — 11/11/11. The film is about an author who is cursed to a number of unfortunate events on the date.
4. Wedding bells will be ringing! You don’t need good luck to make a marriage last — you need love, respect, and hard work. But maybe it can’t hurt to get hitched on 11/11/11. In fact, more than 24,000 couples across the United States plan to wed this Friday, according — compared to about 1,500 couples who get married on an average Friday in November and 2,667 pairs who tied the knot last Valentine’s Day.
To prepare for the influx of marriage applications, the marriage license bureau in Las Vegas has even announced that it is increasing staffing on Nov. 11, according to USA Today.
5. There could be a baby boom, too. What’s even better than having an 11/11/11 anniversary date? An 11/11/11 birthday. And back in February, some parents-to-be did their darndest to conceive a child who would be born on the lucky day. "They can certainly try to time when they get pregnant, but the variable is when the woman is ovulating — and once you become pregnant there are so many other variables, the exact date is really up to Mother Nature," Samuel Pang, MD, medical director at the Reproductive Science Center of New England, told ABC News.
Couples who enjoyed a Valentine’s Day romp could be in luck, as a baby who was conceived around February 18 could very well be born on Nov. 11, said Dr. Pang.
6. Nov. 11 is also Veterans Day. It may be getting overshadowed this year by weddings and gambling, but Veterans Day is celebrated annually on Nov. 11. The United States honors its war veterans on this day to commemorate the signing of the armistice that ended World War I, which went into effect on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. This 11/11/11, don’t forget to pay your respects to those who have served our country.
7. And it’s Corduroy Appreciation Day! It’s time to don your favorite pair of cords, since Nov. 11 is also National Corduroy Appreciation Day. It’s been celebrated annually on this date for the past few years, as 11/11 most resembles the lines of the fabric. And since this year there’s an extra 11 in the mix, corduroy fanatics everywhere will be celebrating in a big way: According to MSNBC, events include the Chicagoland Corduroy Appreciation Ball in Chicago and the Annual Grand 111111 Meeting in New York City.
8. Break out the origami and heavy metal. Okay, so it’s Veterans Day, Corduroy Appreciation Day, and thousands of couples’ wedding days. But Nov. 11 is also Origami Day in Japan (where the paper crane symbolizes peace), as well as National Metal Day, when VH1 will be honoring heavy metal music (rumor has it, the original lineup of the band Black Sabbath, including Ozzy Ozbourne himself, may reunite for the momentous occasion).
9. It’s a great day to jet set. Come Friday, Americans will be doing more than tying the knot and sporting cords — plenty of people are also going on vacation to take advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime 11/11/11 deals offered by travel Web sites to celebrate the day. Where is everyone headed? According to, the Grand Canyon is one of the top destinations, as well as Paris, New York City, and Niagara Falls.
10. The last 11/11/11 made weather history. Though few people are old enough to remember the last 11/11/11, it was also famous for the Great Blue Norther, one of the biggest cold snaps — a dramatic temperature fluctuation — in U.S. history. For many Midwestern cities, this date in 1911 was only time when record-high and record-low temperatures were broken on the same day.
11. 11/11/11? There’s a Facebook group for that. If you’re feeling like the lone 11/11/11 reveler in your circle of friends, look no further than the 11:11 Facebook fan page. This group of more than 643,000 people from around the world is counting down to 11:11 a.m. on this momentous 11/11/11. Cheers!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Greek Myth-Poseidon

Currently I'm reading a book about Greek Myths. Nape aku baca buku ni? Aritu, sementara nak tgu Astro diinstall kat umah baru, aku dok ulang2 citer Clash of the Titans.

Aku dari dulu lagi minat myths, fairy tales, folklore ni sume. That's why nama aku pun Fairy. hahahah... (Takde kaitan langsung kan?)

Aku sgt fascinated ngn Greek myth ni. Dorang macam ada explanation utk semua kejadian alam dan semuanya dikaitan dengan dorg nyer myth. Kewujudan Gods and Goddess and also Demigod (separa Tuhan). Dorang ada explanation macam mana adanya 4 musim, macam mana adanya echo, dari mana haiwan2 wujud etc.

from Google image

Mungkin korang pernah dengar pasal Zeus, Apollo, Medusa, Hercules etc. Arini aku nak citer pasal Poseidon. Greek Myth berkaitan Poseidon ada byk. Aku nak share satu je arini sbb aku rasa citer ni plg kelakar. Aku citer kat Pakcik kesayangan, dia bleh gelak. Aku citer kat lawyers meeting semalam, they enjoyed it.

Citer dia camni, Poseidon is the God of the Sea. Apart from menjaga keamanan laut, dia juga la yg create all the creatures under the sea. Tp, it was also told that, he is the God who create horses. Dia mula mencipta Kuda untuk menawan hati Demeter, God of Agriculture yang duduk kat darat.
google image

Demeter minta Poseidon ciptakan dia binatang atas darat untuk dia sebab Poseidon dah cipta byk binatang dalam laut. Jadi Poseidon pun ciptakan Kuda. Dia sgt suka dengan ciptaan dia yang ni, kuda. Dia dah cipta byk binatang tp kuda ni favourite dia. Sebab dia suka sgt ngn kuda, dia cipta satu kuda untuk dia tunggang kat laut. Dari situ la wujudnya seahorses, kuda laut.

google image
Ada citer yang mengatakan jugak, dalam proses Poseidon nak perfectkan ciptaan kuda dia, dia dah cipta byk binatang lain seperti zirafah, kuda belang, badak air etc... Binatang2 ni dikatakan kuda Poseidon yang tak menjadi... Kelakar kan.. Tu this Pakcik aku kata, "Bodohnya Poseidon". Bos aku pulak kata, "Nasib baik Tuhan kita tak buat silap masa jadikan manusia". Satu lawyer lain sambung, "Mungkin dia buat silap jugak, dats why kita ada orang utan."

Menarikkan? Nanti aku akan share pasal yg lain2 plak.

Have a nice day & God Bless.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Sharing Time: The 8 Steps of Goal Setting

Everyone has at least one goal in life; To be rich, to be happy, to have a family, to be a CEO, to have that car or that house.
But not many have set their goals in writing with a deadline, to be exact about 2% of all adults have set their goals in writing.
The interesting fact is that those 2% make as much money as the other 98% put together. If you want to succeed, setting goals firmly in writing isn’t an option, it is a requirement.
The First time I set Goals
When I was 19 years old I was working for a very successful sales company. We were doing very well, but because of some senior employees leaving morale was a little low, the managers decided they were going to teach us to set our goals, which would make us motivated again.
We learned the step by step process for setting goals and followed them one by one.
For many it became a great source of motivation to see their goals in writing and to be able to see how their actions today were moving them towards their goals.
For me, it had the opposite effect, not that they didn’t motivate me, but I realized that the things I was doing weren’t moving me towards my goals.
I quit my job and started working with other things more in line with my dreams. The goal setting exercise had the wrong affect for my employer, but it changed my life for the better. With a focus I had never before experienced I started working on my goals and moving towards them faster and faster.
The 8 steps of goal setting:
1. Long term goals in all four major areas of your life.
The four areas are Family, Health, Career and Finance.  You need goals in all areas.
Imagine your life as perfect, as if you already had the perfect family situation, were in perfect shape, had your dream career and had accomplished your financial goals.
Write down those goals.
2. Short term goals in all four major areas of your life.
A short term goal is like a milestone on your way to what you are really striving for.  Generally they are about one year down the line, and they will help you follow your progress on your long term goals. Make sure the short term goals motivate you to work hard on their completion. Write down a short term goal in each area of your life.
3. Deadlines
Set a deadline for each goal – both short and long term. By what date do you want to have completed your goals?
4. Measurable
It is important that all your goals can be measured.  You need to know when you have succeeded. For example don’t write “I want a lot of money” instead set an exact figure “I want to have one million dollars” or “I want to win this competition”.
5. Write your goals in the positive, present tense and add your deadline.
Now, rewrite your goals.  Write them as if you had already completed them.
In other words “I have one million dollars”, instead of “I want one million dollars” and then add the deadline.  “I have one million dollars by the 31 of December 2014.”
This activates your subconscious mind to start pulling events and opportunities to you. It also helps you follow your progress and gives you a definite target.
6. Read your goals, listen to yourself, what do you feel?
Do you feel motivated to start working on your goals at once? Are you motivated to take action? If not, the goal isn’t worth your time. Go back and set one you really want.
7. Make plans for your goals completion
Write down how you plan to complete each goal.
For example:
“I have one million dollars by the 31 of December 2014. I have made this money by selling a company that does “this and that” and sells “this and that”. I will first start the company as a part time job until I have enough customers to start working full time. When that is achieved  I will ….” and so on until you have a comprehensive plan for the completion of the goal.
You will not get your plans right the first time
Every time you fail, go back to your plan and revise it. Use the knowledge you have acquired and make a new plan to take action on.
8. Put the paper somewhere you will see it every day.
Either tape it to your bathroom mirror or put it beside your bed. What is important is that you read it every morning and evening.
Goal setting can be a powerful source of motivation and it activates universal laws like the law of attraction.  It is a wonderful tool.
Try out this exercise and become one of the top 2% in the world.
I hope you liked this article and found it useful.

Written by Daniel Wood 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011

Never Say Never 3D

For those yg tak tau, tajuk entry ini adalah tajuk lagu Justin Beiber (JB) That song is one of the most inspiring song ever. 

Nak kata aku ni peminat fanatik JB tu tak la. Aku tak pegi pun konsert dia kat Stadium Merdeka aritu.Nak kata aku ni minat dia sesangat pun tak juga. Aku tertarik dengan kisah dia. Perjalanan hidup dia. Bagi aku kisah hidup dia mengajar kita supaya jgn berhenti dari mempunyai impian.

I think he is so lucky coz he knows what he wants and therefore he could just go for it with all his heart. Many of us tak tau apa yg kita nak in life sebenarnya. Cotohnya aku. Aku jadi lawyer sbb aku ada ijazah undang2. Aku kerja kat KL sebab gaji dia lagi banyak, challanges dia lebih menarik and standard of living lebih baik dari tempat lain. Its not because I love being a lawyer or because I love KL. 
from Google
Anyhow, tujuan utama entri ni bukanlah untuk mendedahkan konflik dalaman aku sebenarnya. Aku just nak share kat korang semua yang aritu aku telah berjaya mengheret pakcik aku ke movie Never Say Never 3D. huhuh...

Nak kata movie tu awesome, cannot la coz its a true story. Sama macam korang tgk dokumentari Tun Mahathir etc.. It can be boring especially if korang tak minat org tu. Pakcik aku berjaya menonton movie tu smp ke 15minit yg terakhir. Dia tido. hahahah...

Well, i think my uncle is the most awesome uncle ever! Kalo takde dia aku tak pegi tgk kot movie ni. Takde org yg nk teman aku. Aku tak penah plak buat keje tgk movie sesorg. Rasa sedey dowh tgk movie sesorang. Mkn sesorg takpe lagi. Ok la ...da merapu.

Never Say Never everyone!

Entry Malas Taip Banyak2

Fullhouse kat Sunway Giza.

Pink mini. Comel kan?

Ye, saya (rasa saya) dah gemuk! Saya janji akan pergi gym everyday mulai esok.

Makanan org tengah diet. Club sandwich, share 2 org.

Iced Latte for me. Yummy!

Pakcik aku yg blame aku kerana telah menyebabkan berat badan dia naik 4kg minggu ni!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Hampir2 Menjadi Saksi Kes Pukul

Tadi, kuar minum dengan "old fren". He is old yet he is my fren. Aku bab2 berkawan ni mmg tak penah memilih. Tua, muda, kerepot, seksi, semua ada.. Ok2 da merapu.

Berbalik pada tajuk entry. Otw balik dr minum mlm ng kawan aku tu, aku lalu satu jalan kecik kat kwsn tempat tinggal aku ni. Actually, jalan tu besar, tp sbb contruction etc, dorg tutup satu lorong ngn kun2 plastik. Kat dpn kereta aku, ada satu teksi. Then, teksi tu berenti. Aku pun relax je la tgu dlm kereta. Biasa la, teksi turunkan penumpang. 

Alih2 aku dgr driver teksi ni jerit2, marah2 penumpang dia yg dah pun keluar dr teksi n berdiri kat tepi jalan. Dah sudah...Apa plak ni? dah la aku sesorg dlm kereta. Sekali driver tu jalan pergi ke kereta aku. Aku ngn belagak beraninya tanya dia, apa masalahnyer bos? Dia citer ngn suara yg jelas sekali dia nga marah giler.

Basically, penumpang dia taknak byr harga ikut meter. Aku tatau nak reply apa sbb mamat ni nga marah giler and aku pun da cuak sikit. Then driver yg nga marah ni ckp lagi kat aku, "Saya nak pergi pukul mereka, awak jangan marah ye." I was like, shit! Jangan pukul, jangan pukul! Aku ngn berani nya cepat2 keluar dari kereta. Aku cuba slow talk ngn penumpang tu, 2 Iranian kot, a couple.

Aku ckp kat dorg, Just pay him la. He said, I dont care about the money but its not fair to us! We took the cab from Mont Kiara to here and we normally pay 3 ringgit. Now he is charging us 6.90. I already paid him 5 ringgit. Masa mamat ni nga explain kat aku, driver ni dah hayun2 iron rod. Jerit2, its past midnite so the charge is double. etc... kalau tak nak setel, jom pg balai polis. Mamat Iranian ni pun telefon polis. By the time aku berdiri kat citu, guard2 around the area sampai and tenangkan keadaan. Aku suruh guard tu buka sekatan kat tepi2 jalan and kasi aku lalu sbb driver tu refused alihkan teksi dia. Dia kata nak tgu polis dtg baru dia alihkan coz if dia alihkan nnt meter dia jalan n he loss his evidence.

Guard2 ni pun buka jalan utk aku n aku cpt2 drive balik umah. Phew... sib baik driver tu tak libas mamat Iran tu ngn batang besi tadi. Kalo tak, sesia je aku kena spend satu mlm kat balai bagi keterangan.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Game Paling Aku Suka

Mental block. Penat sgt sgt. Tak sabar nak tunggu weekend. If only I have game The Sims. Mesti best.

Aku plg suka game ni. Aku boleh hadap without food or drinks. Dulu la. Zaman blajar dulu aku mmg gila main game ni. Hurm... Rasa cam nak main game ni balik la.

from Google image
Ok la. gtg. nnt aku update lagi...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Updates Yang Panas!

Updates yang panas sepanas ati aku. hahahah...

Dari pagi sampai ke mlm non-stop! sakit jiwa raga...owh tidak! Aku dah terkomplen. No no... Not gud Farina.

Baiklah...let me update u on me. M comot today. Bgn lambat, tak sempat make-up. Sgt serabai. Tenaga pun tak optimum. Bukti?
Muka dah mcm org sakit otak pun ada. hahahah!

Ni gambar2 terbaru projek aku. Haih..Siap je projek ni, aku nak cuti seminggu! Tak kira!

Carpenter nga pasang wall to wall cabinet

Archway...Tgk tu carpet tak match! 
The tv cabinet. Esok, tv sampai. 
Tu je la kot yg aku dapat update arini.Harap projek aku ni dpt diselesaikan dengan sempurna sebelum bulan ni berakhir.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Short & Sweet

Tajuk entry bukan merujuk kepada rupa bentuk fizikal aku k walaupun aku tak nafikan, sumtime aku ni sweet gak.. hahahah....... Ayat2 membangga diri ni aku belajar from follower no.65. Plz blame him! M innocent :p

Kalo korang perasan, aku yakin ada yg mmg perasan la sbb dah ada yg bertanya, entry aku skang makin lama makin pendek. Kenapa eyh?

Sesungguhnya, otak aku dah takleh nak proses perkataan byk sgt. Pastu tenaga utk menulis blog pun da berkurangan. Citer best byk, gambar best plak takde nak share...

Selari ngn tajuk entry ni, aku nak citer pasal satu teater yg aku nk tgk. Lat Kampung boy the Musical. Kenapa aku kata selari ngn tajuk entry ni... Lat alwes digambarkan oleh pelukisnya sbg seorang budak yg short n sweet! Berbalik pada citer td. Sape yg tak kenal ngn Lat mmg bukan org Malaysia la aku rasa. Kartun dia ni jadi bahan rujukan kat universiti luar negara tau. Aku juga ingat bahawa Lat penah dtg sekolah aku Seri Kampar tu utk perasmian sumthing2.. tak ingat event apa yg aku ingat dia nyer tandatangan je.. hahahah...

Ada sesapa nak teankan aku pg tgk teater ni tak???


Semlm kena babysit Ahmad Rayyan Haqimie... Weeeeeeeee! Praktis nak jadi mummy :p heheheh...ayat nak kontrovesi jek!

budak lelaki mmg buas ek? apa motif dia pnjat walker tu mcm tu pun aku tatau la
rasuah susu...3 botol aku kasi. nak suruh dia tido punya pasal.hahahah...
help!!! ibu.... 
berjaya menidurkan raksasa kecil ni akhirnya
ceh! tido 30 min je. then da bgn.
muka budak nakal yg aku plg syg sekali!!!

Penat gilos jaga budak kecik ni. Sengal2 badan ni dibuatnya...Nasib baik dia tak meragam carik mak dia. Maybe sbb mmg da biasa sgt tgk muka aku, jadi dia pun tak bpe heran la  bila mak ngn ayah dia takde...

p/s: thanks sbb tak poopoo ye Rayyan :P i luv u...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Again, tajuk diilhamkan oleh Follower no. 65. Dia suggest tajuk ni ari isnin lagi rasanya. Since tahap sibuk aku mengalahkan Presiden Obama, mlm ni baru aku dpt tulis sikit2 apa yg aku tau pasal aneroksia ni.

Aku tak penah plak terpk nak research pasal aneroksia ni. So, aku nyer basic idea dtg dari majalah n rancangan yg aku penah tgk kat tv. Sblm tulis entry ni,aku google la sket pasal penyakit ni. Gambar2 dia sgt menakutkan. So, aku taknak la share ngn korang gambar2 tak best tersebut. If korang nak tgk gak, sila google sendiri.

Mula2 aku ingatkan, aneroksia ni penyakit baru. Penyakit supermodel. Ye la. Org dulu2 kan suka pompuan yg badan curvy and voluptuous. Org skang je yg nak badan kurus mcm papan. Nak pki baju size XXXS la, skinny jeans la, mikro skirt la etc etc.. Rupa2 nya kes pertama pasal aneroksia ni direkodkan pada tahun 1886.
from Google image

Perkataan aneroksia ni dtg dr Greek yg membawa maksud, kurang nafsu mkn. Aneroksia bukan berlaku pada org perempuan je tau. Org lelaki pun ada yg kena aneroksia gak. Bagi aku la, penyakit ni penyakit mental. Org yg mengalami aneroksia ni biasa ni mempunyai tanggapan yg pelik terhadap diri sendiri. Dia rasa dan nampak diri dia gemuk walhal saiz badan dia ok je. Jadi, org yg sentiasa rasa diri dia ni gemuk akan tahan diri dia dari mkn dan dengan sengaja mengebulurkan (ada ke perkataan ni?) diri sendiri.

Aneroksia ni mcm penyakit2 dunia yg lain, ada penawar dia. Jadi, if ada reader kat cni yg ada masalah ni, sila la pergi jumpa doktor sebelum korang tinggal rangka je.  Scarry woh...Amalkan pemakanan sihat dan sentiasa bersenam. Selamat beramal...

Monday, February 28, 2011

Last Day of February & Hidup Berumahtangga

Harmoine Granger versi Melayu without Magical Wand
Tatau nak letak gambar apa, so upload la gambar apa yg ada dlm fon ni.

Berbalik pada tajuk entry. Aku tak rasa macam February ni adalah satu bulan. Rasa mcm baru last week aku balik kampung sambut CNY. Now, kejap giler dah abis bulan 2.. Tapi kan, dalam bulan yg pendek ni aku berjaya published banyak gak entry..huhu..kagum ngn diri sendiri kejap. Entry merapu, boleh la. Bulan depan tak tau la. Harap makin byk la coz ada 31 hari kan? Just wait n see la k.

Hari ni masa terluang tak banyak. Tapi idea bertimbun. Sebelum otak aku explode, better aku kuarkan sikit letak dlm blog ni ye tak.

Aku juz nak luahkan sikit pendapat aku pasal idup berumahtangga. FYI, aku ni belum kahwin lg. Bertunang pun belum. Kalau tiada bantahan dari mak aku yg sgt authoritative tu, aku tamau bertunang. Plz...Walaupun begitu,  aku ni dah direservekan kepada dia yg dah ditentukan oleh Tuhan untukku. heheheh...

Bila tgk kawan2 lain kahwin, mcm best je. Mcm simple giler n kejap giler dorg decide utk kahwin. Bila tgk org terdekat punya keadaan plak, mcm scarry je. Dulu kononnya janji Onak duri, lautan api yg before kahwin kata nak redah sama tu, tinggal janji je... I know tak baik takut pada benda2 lain selain Tuhan, tp sumtimes aku rasa idup berumahtangga ni is not as easy and its not as sweet as kita bayangkan. Apa yg aku rasa tak penting. Yg penting apa yg aku percaya. Aku percaya pada kuasa Tuhan.

Aku cuma boleh doa supaya pasangan yg ditentukan untuk aku nnt adalah seorang yang penyabar and soft spoken. Tak ringan tangan tapi ringan tulang. Plg penting, dia mesti memahami dan tau toleransi. Dia ketua keluarga jadi dia kena pandai memimpin serta adil. InsyaAllah...

Nak g Midveli cari tv

Monday, February 21, 2011

Selamat Hari Jadi Farah Fauzi

Entry khas untuk adik tercinta aka Ibu Rayyan. Umur dia dah 25 tahun kot.  Therefore, aku listkan 25 fakta yg mungkin betul atau pun tak pasal adik aku yg sorang ni:

1. The toughest among kami adik beradik meaning if kena marah ngn mak dia mmg tak nangis, kena marah ngn aku nangis plak.
2. The most independant
3. Mempunyai survival skill yg kekadang menakutkan mak ayah n kakak serta adik2
4. Adik/Kakak yg plg seksi dalam family
5. Suka tanya soalan2 sengal dalam kereta mcm siapa yg cipta donut, or siapa yg discover boleh guna gandum untuk buat tepung or donut asal dari negara mana. Macam la org kat sebelah dia tu pakcik google
6. sgt suka rollercoaster
7. sgt suka asam especially jeruk anggur yg warna putih tu
8. sgt syg kat Rayyan
9. lebih rapat ngn ayah
10. sometimes degil giler
11. masa kecik2 nakal giler; tarik rambut aku masa nga pose dpn kamera then ayah aku snap gambar time aku nga nangis (menjengkelkan..)
12. the one and only left handed in my family
13. baik hati
14. sukakan kucing. sanggup pergi cari anak kucing dia yg terjun bangunan 13 tingkat
15. suka shopping
16. suka jejalan
17. keras ati
18. masa dia pregnant, dia mengidam nak kaler buku mewarna budak2
19. owh, dia dah kahwin k
20. dulu dia bercita-cita nak jadi chef
21. skang, aku rasa la, kalo boleh dia tak mau masuk dapur
22. dia pandai masak, aku slalu mkn lunch kat umah dia time weekend
23. dia suka muzik rnb & hip hop
24. dia adik aku and aku syg dia. aku tau dia pun syg aku gak!
25. dia banyak tolong aku, basically dia mmg ringan tulang especially ngn adik beradik
26. dia jenis happy go lucky and aku harap dia sentiasa happy :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tips Elak Dari "Terkena" Speedtrap

Sape yg tak penah kena speedtrap, sila angkat keyboard!! Hahahha... Aku rasa la kan, org bawak beca je yg tak kena speedtrap ni. 

from Google
Sepanjang aku bergelar pemandu, aku kena speedtrap sekali je rasanya. Kat Karak. Tu la highway yg plg menjengkelkan skali dlm Malaysia ni. Cmne nak bwk 90km/j masa ngn turun bukit? Nak tekan brek all the way? Mak aku kata, biar brek pad abis dr ko jatuh gaung... (Baik mak...)

Berbalik pada tajuk entry pagi ni. Sila ikut tips2 kat bawah ni kalau rasa taknak kena saman:-

from Google
  1. Jangan pandu kereta melebihi hadlaju... (obviously la kan)
  2. Biasakan diri dengan had laju kat kawasan yg korg biasa lalu tu. Macam dulu aku nyer laluan every morning is Jalan Ipoh-KL. Had laju dia dlm 90km/j. Aku dah tau la port2 pakcik polis menembak sepanjang jalan ni. Kat jambatan SMK ada satu, tu pun waktu pagi la, kat Batu Karang bawah pokok pun ada satu and satu lagi kat simpang tiga nak g Malim Nawar. Kat KL ni plak aku terjumpa kat NKVE, on weekdays right after keluar tunnel apatah nama dia, on weekdays. So, sila bwk dengan perlahan lepas keluar terowong tu.
  3. Beli GPS navigation system yg bleh track speedtrap.
from Google
Tu je kot tips yg aku dapat pk kan pagi ni. Tips2 lain mcm bawak slow masa lalu bwh flyover etc etc tu, aku tak sure la berkesan ke tak kan coz mcm kat Karak, mana ada flyover tp korang still kena saman gak kan.

Bagi yg nak cek saman trafik secara online, bleh la ke laman RILEK atau MYEG. Kalo nak cek gunakan SMS taip

 IC no:      POLIS SAMAN [identification card no] or

 Vehicle:   POLIS SAMAN [car registration no.] 

then antar ke 32728

from Google
Kalau ada signboard cam ni kat jalan-jalan kat Malaysia, bagus gak kan?


Tajuk entry diilhamkan oleh Akla, pemandu Inspira yg rasa dia kena speedtrap kat Karak Selasa lepas :P

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cerita Seliper Buruk & Handphone Pink

from Google again
Adik aku yg comel si Pinklady kehilangan handfon pink yang aku hadiahkan masa dia graduate  dan kasut dia masa solat kat masjid Tapah Sabtu lepas. Kwn aku yg handsome lagi bergaya kehilangan seliper buruk dia kat masjid. Kawan aku lg sorg, hilang jam kat surau. Aku yakin kes-kes cmni sgt biasa kita dengar. 

Persoalan aku ialah, kenapa la pencuri ni sanggup mencuri kat masjid? Kalau kes kehilangan seliper buruk tu, aku bleh terima lagi la. Maybe dia ingat tu seliper dia n dia tersilap sarung. Ni kes yg sanggup geledah beg n curi handpon and purse ni yg buat aku hangin satu badan.

from Mr. Google

Kalau aku boleh ubah la Kanun Keseksaan Malaysia kan, aku akan buat peruntukan baru untuk pencuri yg ditangkap mencuri kat tempat2 ibadat cmni. Harsher punishment for them! Sebat 3 kali dan penjara 3 tahun. Even if dorang mencuri seliper buruk je, hukuman sama dikenakan. Aku tak kira! *emosi sekejap*


1. Hari masak-masak
2. 6 months

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cookie Monster in Kampar

We have our very own cookie monster in the house. hahaha...

Ini video yg baru je aku upload kat Youtube.

Watak utama dlm video ni: Ahmad Rayyan Haqimie as Cookie Monster
Watak sampingan: My sister Wah as Ibu Cookie Monster
Background voice over by Onnie Chan & Aunty Ayong (Me) and mungkin Aunty Yus pun ada kot!

How to Make Baby?

Boys and girls....Lets start our lesson ...First of all, please read with an open mind. Bahan-bahan yg diperlukan ialah sedikit imagenasi (camni ke ejaan dia?), sedikit kreativiti and lots of LOVE *wink*

from Mr. Google

Terlupa plak, bahan plg penting untuk buat baby ni ialah, fondant! hahaha...

Aku nak share ngn korang apa yg aku jumpa kat blog chef yg best ni. Nama dia Yasmin Sanusi. Dia ni kek decorator tau. Sila lah singgah ke blog BAKING PROJECT.COM... Dia siap ada buat kelas lagi. Jalan-jalan kat blog dia buat aku LAPAR!!! Grrr...

(Gambar-gamber dipinjam dari tuan punya blog)


Step 1: Buat bentuk bulat mcm bola.

Step 2: Penyekkan sikit guna jari

Step 3: Tambah sikit lagi fondant utk jadikan leher baby

Step 4: Tambah mata, idung n mulut baby korang n ukir gunakan lidi

Step 5: Tambah telinga plak

Last Step: Decorate la guna kreativiti korang

Comel kan???

Tajuk Entry yg kontrobesi ni ehsan dari kwn aku yg handsome, hebat lagi bergaya. Dia merupakan blogger baru yg aku yakin if dia godek ni lama sikit, dia bleh jadi blogger otai one day :P

Khas buat Pinklady, Citrasawan & Abg Mat Gebu, bleh la tiru mana yg patut. 

What is a Digital Nomad?

I was browsing through youtube last week and came across a youtube channel of 2 girls who became a digital nomad after a few months of trave...