Thursday, January 26, 2012

Why Selective Amnesia?

I always believe that I have the ability to remember things that happened to me as early as I was 1 year old. My mom find this as odd as she said that I am too young to remember anything at that age. A friend told me that I might believe that I have those early childhood memories because there were pictures. For a split second I thought, "owh yeah...maybe".

I remembers my 1 year old birthday party my parents throw for me. There are pictures of that party. Maybe thats why I could remember the event. There is another memory where my dad and I were on our way back to Perak from Kelantan by bus. I remember asking my dad to buy 'biskut pong'. A soft biscuit covered by sugar and a raisin on top. See image below.

from google image
It looks so yummy to me at that  time thats why I asked my dad to buy it for me. and then....

I ate just one piece I think... The road to Perak was long and winding, I end up vomiting on my dad. My dad remembers the day clearly... So do I. When I recite the story to my mom, he was so shock. He almost forgot the fact that I did travel by bus with my dad from Kelantan once long time ago. She said that I was too small. I can't remember all the details, but I did.

Basically, I have the gift of remembering everything in my life. I wish I have selective amnesia where I could just forget all the stupid things that had happened to me.

Gosh! What am I saying?! I am not being grateful for my special ability given by God!

I am only human... God, forgive me...


Everyone everywhere in Malaysia is still in a Chinese New Year mode. Many shops closed, many workers still on leave and many highways are still busy with vehicles going in and out of the city.

As you can see, I changed this blog, totally revamp it and hopefully its for the best. M starting the new year with a clean slate.

M starting a new firm. One I am calling my own. I will be sharing with another prominent lawyer. Watch out for this duo as we are set to change our life and those around us. My mission statement for my firm is "To be A Blessing". Therefore, we are going to bless the people who support us and works for us, bless those who seek us for our service and at the end of the day, we are bless by God Almighty.

Selective Amnesia photo

This photo was taken a long long time ago. A sweet and unforgettable memory was created at this beach.. I will cherish the memory forever.

p/s:  Siapa dapat teka kat mana gambar ni diambil, dpt misteri gift! hehehe....

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