Thursday, January 26, 2012

Why Selective Amnesia?

I always believe that I have the ability to remember things that happened to me as early as I was 1 year old. My mom find this as odd as she said that I am too young to remember anything at that age. A friend told me that I might believe that I have those early childhood memories because there were pictures. For a split second I thought, "owh yeah...maybe".

I remembers my 1 year old birthday party my parents throw for me. There are pictures of that party. Maybe thats why I could remember the event. There is another memory where my dad and I were on our way back to Perak from Kelantan by bus. I remember asking my dad to buy 'biskut pong'. A soft biscuit covered by sugar and a raisin on top. See image below.

from google image
It looks so yummy to me at that  time thats why I asked my dad to buy it for me. and then....

I ate just one piece I think... The road to Perak was long and winding, I end up vomiting on my dad. My dad remembers the day clearly... So do I. When I recite the story to my mom, he was so shock. He almost forgot the fact that I did travel by bus with my dad from Kelantan once long time ago. She said that I was too small. I can't remember all the details, but I did.

Basically, I have the gift of remembering everything in my life. I wish I have selective amnesia where I could just forget all the stupid things that had happened to me.

Gosh! What am I saying?! I am not being grateful for my special ability given by God!

I am only human... God, forgive me...

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