Wednesday, May 17, 2017

You Can Make What You Want

So I came across this old video on law of attraction on facebook yesterday. I am not a stranger to this concept. Basically, I believe that you/I can attract anything we think and feel about. You attract what you want and what you don't want depending on which one you are thinking about more.

So today I've decided to go on a trip most probably a solo trip to Europe and may be UK. All I need to think about is that trip. I aim to make it happen in the mid of towards the end of next year. I am researching everything about the places I am going to see and the things I'm going to do.

I want to focus on ma king me happy first.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Travel Bug

This happens every once in awhile. The feeling of wanting to travel. The urge to just make plans. I'm creating alerts for flights tix to Bali, Amsterdam and UK. I'm looking at my financial and mentally calculating when I could carry out these plans. I'm looking at calendars just to see all the holidays I could utilize.

 I'm hoping I would be rewarded with a year end bonus. That would mean I have enough money to travel sometime early next year. My mom invited me to do umrah in February so, my best bet would be a few months after that coz I cant be taking back to back long leave from work.

So, practically I'm planning to go on leave May next year provided its not yet puasa month. If not, its gonna be August next year. That's a long way to go meaning I have a lot of time to plan and save up.

Should I plan for a solo trip? Never done it before. A bit scary come to think of it. But with proper planning, it should go well. Will it gonna be fun tho? You will only know once you try it right?

Monday, May 8, 2017

Draggy Monday

Had a lazy weekend which was much needed and welcomed. Today, starting the week with boredness. Work was slow and my mind is still thinking of vacation.

Been binging on The Tudors over the weekend. Just looking at the England's landscape made me feel like wanting to return back to England. I miss the cool weather and beautiful scenery. The thing is travelling overseas is so expensive. Flight tix is expensive, accommodation, ground arrangement. But to me, if you plan and manage your travel wisely, you could save much.

Should I make plans to go back to England? It has to be a 2018 plan which is such a looong way to go. Making plans doesn't cost money so why not??

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