Thursday, June 9, 2016

Ramadhan Once Again

I know its been awhile but its not to late to wish Ramadhan Kareem to all Muslims who are reading my blogs. (who reads my blog anyway? Can you guys leave a comment. Thanks)

This is the first year I am fasting in Putrajaya. My new home. I can't remember if I have mentioned about this. I moved like 3 months ago. Currently living with my best friend since uni days. It has been sort of OK. She is busy all the time these days and I am the type of person who keep to my self most of the time so yeah, we are cool. I just feels like this fasting month will make our bond stronger. We don't spend as much time together as we like to but now its fasting month, we get to sahoor together, breakfast together and go for taraweeh together. I am savouring each moment we spent together coz this might not repeat itself again next year. Wallahualam

Work has been slow. Whenever there are work to be done, it is done super fast and I end up with a lot of free time on my hand. So for the past few days since Ramadhan starts, I have been googling and watching recipes video. Ramadhan is the month when I experiment with new recipes. I hardly goes to the bazzaar to buy my food as they are always packed and things are just expensive nowadays. Plus, the hygiene in these bazaar are questionable. You can easily get food poisoning from the food you bought.

When you prepare your own food, you get to see what you put in, the freshness of your ingredients, how you cook them etc. Since I intend to lose a bit of weight, I have been trying to eat clean from day 1 of Ramadhan. Sahoor for the past few days is the same, overnite oats made with oats, dried fruits, chia seeds and strawberry milk. They are easy to make and even if you wake up 10 minutes before adzhan, you could still have a filling food in your tummy with zero effort.

The first day of fasting I made chicken soup oats porridge for iftar. I normally would do it with rice, but I just substitute rice with oats. Thats all. I ate it till the next day. It didnt go bad and I made quiet a lot that day. It taste well and I could definitely recycle that recipe.

The 2nd day, i was craving something fried and oily. So I made anchovies fritters. They were yummy. I just eat that and my overnite oats. Simple and cheap.

So yesterday was the 3rd day of fasting. I am on a tight budget so I try my best to work with what I already have at home. I remembered that we bought this vermicelli/beehoon 3 months ago and we have yet to do anything with it so I learned how to make beehoon singapore. It is super easy and yummy. I ate a plate and my housemate ate the rest. She just love it so much.

Just writing down what has been happening in my life these days so that one day I could open this up and reminiscence a bit.

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