Tuesday, May 24, 2016

May Ends

What happened in May? What happened in April and March? Why there were  no posts??

Feeling uninspired for some reason. Feel as if this year is flying by so fast. My schedules are always full. My head is sometimes serabut. In point form, these are the things in my head that keeps me busy nowadays:-

  • Looking forward to Puasa.
  • Have to be frugal so that I have more than enugh money in July
  • Not looking forward to Raya
  • No raya preparation, yeay!
  • Nervously waiting for our Europe trip.
  • Looking forward to relaxing after Europe trip.
  • Need to service my car
  • Need to renew passport
  • Need to lose a bit of weight. Today pergi gym
  • Why is there so many bad people in this world? (My thoughts most of the time when I scroll my FB timeline)

The good thing is I feel happy .Thats what matter most.


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