Tuesday, June 26, 2018

What is a Digital Nomad?

I was browsing through youtube last week and came across a youtube channel of 2 girls who became a digital nomad after a few months of travelling the world. The term "digital nomad" was not foreign to me but I have not come across anyone who are just starting to be a digital nomad and willing to share their struggles and journey with the world. Most of social media influencer just share the good life, their mesmerizing stories about their travel. to me, Beer For Breakfast (that is the name of their channel) is very honest and interesting. another thing that I find interesting is that, they are currently living in malaysia. You can check out their channel by clicking here!

It takes a lot of guts to uproot your stable life, quit your 9 to 5 job and just move to another country but there are many who have done just that. Many of those decided to make Malaysia as their base which is not surprising as our currency is cheap and the country is a developed country with friendly people, beautiful islands, unique cultures and delicious food plus high speed internet everywhere.

I told a friend of mine about digital nomad just to get her take on it and she shares my view. We would not choose to do what Justina and Micha (the girls from Beer For Breakfast) are doing. Perhaps we have been conditioned/program to the extent that we need stability and hard work doing 9 to 5 job could ensure that and the millennial are all about freedom to do whatever whenever wherever. They are a gutsy generations with so much potential if they could just focus their mind long enough on a task.

I have the privilege of working with millennial here in this company. By definition, I am also a millennial/Gen Y just an older version (maybe). You could find out what generations you belong to here. I read many stories where millennial  who joined a huge corporate sector right after graduation and quit in less than 5 years. There are many factors but my take on this issue is a double edge sword. Most corporate company in Malaysia is being lead by a group of senior managers (baby boomer of gen X) who are used to certain ways of things. Millennial are those who explore new ways of doings things and sometimes these 2 generation have difficulties in understanding each other. This different approaches may (sometime) create conflict and friction.

I really think that different generations could really learn from each other. Each generations has their own strength and weaknesses. Older generations need to realize that technology is changing every single day hence they need to change too for the sake of progress.

Thursday, June 21, 2018


I just got back from Raya holiday. Not feeling the best about returning to work. I realised that the work is not making me happy. I guess stress at work is normal but the apprehensive feelings that I get just by being at the office is just not healthy i feel. The fact that I manage to gain a few pounds over the Raya holiday also making me depressed.

Now, my plan is to do is pursue those things that makes me happy. No matter what it is. One of the things that will surely makes me happy is travel planning. When I was at home, my mom and I watched a lot of tv. There are 2 documentaries on the middle east that fascinated us. One was shot in Turkey and the other was in Egypt.

I think, travelling to a Muslim countries would be fun since it is easy to find food and places to pray. Perhaps, I should focus on those countries for my next holiday with my family. Mom was up for it since she will complete her haj this year.

Writing this ease my stress a little. was planning to write last nite but I was too tired. I am still tired today but tomorrow is Friday.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Rejoining the Gym - Babel Fit TTDI

Its weird that I am updating this blog when I have not done much for the past week in terms of fitness. We are still in the fasting month. The fasting help in keeping my weight in check. if I manage to squeeze in a bit of weight training, it is actually a major bonus for me.

I am not sure why I am thinking of rejoining the gym. So I am writing here just to sort out my thinking process. You know how we, women, could jumble all our thoughts in our big box and got loss in our own thoughts. I don't like to be stuck like that especially if I need to make a decision. So basically this post is my pro and con list.

Before we get to the boring stuff let me just justify (to my self) why I want to re-join the gym:

1. the main, number one reason is that there is this new cool gym open up in TTDI call Babel Fit. Why am I so attracted to this gym? Apart from the gym is located in a cool looking building and the gym is design in a cool yet elegant way, it is also located in TTDI which is the place that I do almost everything. I go to night classes here, I prefer to have my meals here when I dont feel like cooking, there are many cafes if I feel like having coffee and cakes plus it is just a stone throw away from my place.
source: marie claire malaysia website
source: babel.fit instagram

2. it is not that I could not see the fruit of my hard labour slaving at my home gym. i feel like maybe, just maybe my progress could be sped up a little. I am seeing muscles and lines on my abs but I still could not get rid of my abs. I can feel it shrinking alright, I just bought a new pants and I tighten the old ones with a belt. Perhaps I am just a little bit impatient. When I joined a gym, I could see the result within a month. The result is drastic perhaps because I was a bit overweight at that time. Now that I have lost all that excess, the toning is taking a bit more time. Maybe if I join a gym, the toning part can be done faster.

Well I guess, I have just 2 reasons why I want to re-join. Now lets move on to the boring part. Why I should not re-join the gym.

1. Cost
Gym's subscription could get pretty costly. The average monthly commitment is $200 - $250. That is basically 3000 per year.  This point doesn't really matter since I can claim it from my company. Its just that my claim have an annual limit so I might bust my quota if I join a gym with a high monthly commitment. so let me strike this point out for now considering I may not need to subscribe to the gym membership for the whole year.

2. Time.
This is something that I dont have (maybe). If I decide to join, my only free time is after work. I am already committed to the night classes which runs every Tuesday to Thursday at 8.20pm to 10.30pm. If I just go every Friday to Monday, 4 days straight? Its workable. Its still worth it but just that I dont have any rest in between those days la. Can my body take it? I could also go to the gym straight from work then get to class after gym. Its going to be a very short session if like that.I could get there at 6 something, train for 1 hour and then prep for class. Also workable.

In short, I could do it if I wanted to. I can make it work. Depending on how much I want it la kan. Will visit the gyms after raya and see which one fits me.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Hibernation Mode

Today is the 4th Ramadhan. It has been great. I have yet to visit the Ramadhan bazaar. Have been cooking plenty of amazing food at home. I am going to run out of ideas by next week I think. The best thing is, no food is being wasted. I cook enough for me, I know what I put in each meal. I know how clean the ingredients are. I had so much joy cooking for my self.

Manage to stay at home the whole weekend. Thought of watching Deadpool 2 but it was released last week so the cinema going to be swarming with people and I am just not in the mood to handle that.

image source: google

Nonetheless, it was a productive weekend. I get to workout, tidy up my wardrobe, mop the floor, cook bunch of food and get lots of sleep. I also did get to watch the Royal Wedding which was epic!

image source: today show
Both of them are clearly smitten. Its a fairytale came through

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Fasting Day 1

Almost 3 hours into the fast and I am already drowsy. I did not take any caffeine during sahoor as I read that it is not advisable as it will make you feel dehydrated.

I may need to change the menu tomorrow as clearly I need coffee to function.

Just a bit of recap on what i ate for sahoor.

I had 1 serving of protein
omelette with spinach and arugula between 2 slices of wheatgerm breads and water of course.

I am still thinking of what to cook this evening. Most probably chicken curry with chapati with a side salad. I am thinking of working out but all i can focus on right now is to just go home and sleep

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Ramadhan Mubarak - Lactose Free Sahoor Ideas

Ramadhan is here once again, alhamdulillah. It is a blessed month that all Muslims has been waiting for. I am pretty excited but a also a bit unsure of what I am going to have for sahoor tomorrow morning.

I used to eat overnight oats and apparently is a go to meal during ramadhan but since i am abstaining from milk and having overnight oats with almond milk don't really cut it for me (in terms of taste), I am researching other options.

Peanut Butter Chia and Flax seeds Sandwich

I would think that this is the quickest and easiest choice. But I am not too sure if it would be fulfilling enough. I may need to supplement it with a protein shake. In fact, I am planning to take 1 serving of protein during sahoor. I am currently in love with Dymatize Cookies and Cream Iso100 Hydrolyze Whey coz it is so yummy. I can also see  my muscle gains after incorporating it in my diet

Eggs Variations

Just because it is super easy to make. Eggs muffins, scrambled eggs on toast with avocado, boiled eggs with salad, french toast, eggs sandwich, omelette


I can make a huge batch and just freeze them. keep them in small easy to reheat batches. I can add noodles or oats to make it more filling.


Since I am planning to take some protein during sahoor, perhaps I should turn it into a smoothie blend. I can add oats in it and just blend it together so that it becomes more filling. I am not sure how it would taste like if I add fruits in it since the flavour I have now is C&C. I shall experiment!

Ramadhan has always been the month where I experiment with a lot of recipes. If I am not too lazy, I will share them here. 

Ramadhan Mubarak!!

Monday, May 7, 2018

Body Goals & Friendship Issue

I've been steadfast in my exercise regime. I can see that I am definitely building muscles. However I have not been very discipline in my diet. I know that it is better for me if I eat clean and healthy food but I love coffee and I have a huge sweet tooth. As a result, I find it a bit hard to define my abs area and also my lower body.

Hopefully, this coming Ramadhan I am able to keep a closer tab on my diet. No outside food. Lots of salad and home cook meals. I hope to shred more fat and build leaner muscle. This way I am hoping to save more cash too. Can spend and give more to the family instead.

As a side note, last weekend was an almost perfect weekend except for the fact that I spent some time with Sven and feel like crap afterwards. I am not sure why I was a bit unease with his financial problem as that is really not my problem. Perhaps I have this negative view on those who do not have their shit together despite their age. Those hypocrite that do not practise what they preach. I was a bit pissed and I am not too sure why I have such a feeling. Should I distance myself from him? Should I talk to him about his financial problem? I really dont want to get involved in his issue. I am a friend but... what kind of friend am I? Since I never discuss my financial difficulties with him, I should not interfere with his too. Money matter is such a sensitive issue.

I am hoping to save at least RM 20,000 by Jan 2019. May God ease.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

2nd Redang Holiday

Brought my parents to visit redang last weekend. It was such a blast. They had a good time. They tried new things. They overcome their fear. They accommodate my needs and wants. They are the best parents a kid could ever wish for and I am so grateful for them.

Planning another holiday, another destination where I could just take them to relax, enjoy the scenery, eat good food and have fun. Thinking of Maldives or another small city in UK. May Allah ease. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Progress updates

Its a hectic week. Which I love coz the days just flew past me. Been making good progress on dieting as well. Manage to cut back on sugar since I am drinking coffee with soy milk now. Manage to workout consistently but really need to manage the intensity.

I can see that my waistline is shrinking but not shrinking as fast as I hope it would. I know I could get better result if I get gym membership. Its just that now, I do not have the time. Home workout suits me better these days. I need to be discipline in my diet and also the frequency of my workout. My objective is to be lean and toned all over.

Financially I am grateful that I am stable. I get to spend on whatever I need and still set some aside. But I do feel that i can set aside more so that I don't spend too much on unnecessary stuff. I am increasing the amount on the next paycheck. My target is still to save at least 10K by December 2018.

I went to get a haircut on Monday and super happy with my new short hair. I need to get a proper headscarves or shower cap so that I can wash my face without getting my hair all wet. I also plan to spend RM200 per month for a regular hair treatment. I just want to get back my healthy thick straight hair.

I am actually procrastinating. I have 3 task for the day and I just don't have the energy to focus on any of it. LAME EXCUSE. I know... 

Monday, April 9, 2018

April's Fool

It has been hectic. I have yet to get a totally relaxing weekend. Went back to my hometown, got stuck in a massive jam 2 weeks ago. Family get together last weekend. A friend is coming to visit this weekend meaning I have to make sure my house is spotless. Hopefully I will have a super good relaxing weekend next week. The weekend after that is a long weekend for me as I am going to Redang with my parents.

I have been consistent with my workout regime but having a bit of a problem on the dieting side. This would mean that my mid section is not shrinking at all (or as fast as I hope it would). I take massive sugar and creamer with my coffee. Trying to cut back by bringing soy milk to work and pack lunch.

On a brighter note, my bicep is showing. Super proud of that but I need to target other muscle groups like my back and shoulder as well as my chest.

Went to do early raya shopping with my parents in Bangi. Bought 2 pairs of baju. Done my raya shopping. so can focus on saving more money. Plan to save at least 10K this year.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Monday Post

Had a relaxing weekend. I am grateful for that. Having a slow Monday. I am grateful for that. I am fasting today. Did not manage to properly eat for sahoor but that is not a big deal since I have enough energy stored in my body.

Thinking of cooking pasta and baked chicken breast for dinner with some veggie at the side. Been thinking about a lot of stupid stuff. Just me being impatient i guess. I have a lot of good things going in my life. Why do I need to think about the things that I don't have? The thing that I loss? Those things are not good for me.

I need to focus on me. My body toning mission. My knowledge seeking journey. My beauty regime. Making my parents happy. Travel plannings. I have enough on my plate. Why does my brain keep asking for unnecessary things?? So annoying

What is a Digital Nomad?

I was browsing through youtube last week and came across a youtube channel of 2 girls who became a digital nomad after a few months of trave...