Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Progress updates

Its a hectic week. Which I love coz the days just flew past me. Been making good progress on dieting as well. Manage to cut back on sugar since I am drinking coffee with soy milk now. Manage to workout consistently but really need to manage the intensity.

I can see that my waistline is shrinking but not shrinking as fast as I hope it would. I know I could get better result if I get gym membership. Its just that now, I do not have the time. Home workout suits me better these days. I need to be discipline in my diet and also the frequency of my workout. My objective is to be lean and toned all over.

Financially I am grateful that I am stable. I get to spend on whatever I need and still set some aside. But I do feel that i can set aside more so that I don't spend too much on unnecessary stuff. I am increasing the amount on the next paycheck. My target is still to save at least 10K by December 2018.

I went to get a haircut on Monday and super happy with my new short hair. I need to get a proper headscarves or shower cap so that I can wash my face without getting my hair all wet. I also plan to spend RM200 per month for a regular hair treatment. I just want to get back my healthy thick straight hair.

I am actually procrastinating. I have 3 task for the day and I just don't have the energy to focus on any of it. LAME EXCUSE. I know... 

Monday, April 9, 2018

April's Fool

It has been hectic. I have yet to get a totally relaxing weekend. Went back to my hometown, got stuck in a massive jam 2 weeks ago. Family get together last weekend. A friend is coming to visit this weekend meaning I have to make sure my house is spotless. Hopefully I will have a super good relaxing weekend next week. The weekend after that is a long weekend for me as I am going to Redang with my parents.

I have been consistent with my workout regime but having a bit of a problem on the dieting side. This would mean that my mid section is not shrinking at all (or as fast as I hope it would). I take massive sugar and creamer with my coffee. Trying to cut back by bringing soy milk to work and pack lunch.

On a brighter note, my bicep is showing. Super proud of that but I need to target other muscle groups like my back and shoulder as well as my chest.

Went to do early raya shopping with my parents in Bangi. Bought 2 pairs of baju. Done my raya shopping. so can focus on saving more money. Plan to save at least 10K this year.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Monday Post

Had a relaxing weekend. I am grateful for that. Having a slow Monday. I am grateful for that. I am fasting today. Did not manage to properly eat for sahoor but that is not a big deal since I have enough energy stored in my body.

Thinking of cooking pasta and baked chicken breast for dinner with some veggie at the side. Been thinking about a lot of stupid stuff. Just me being impatient i guess. I have a lot of good things going in my life. Why do I need to think about the things that I don't have? The thing that I loss? Those things are not good for me.

I need to focus on me. My body toning mission. My knowledge seeking journey. My beauty regime. Making my parents happy. Travel plannings. I have enough on my plate. Why does my brain keep asking for unnecessary things?? So annoying

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Been pondering and thinking and reflecting.

I have a lot of things to improve in my life as I am imperfect. My life could be better if I do a few changes.

Physical matter

I could keep my weight off if I don't drink so much instant coffee drinks. For that I just need to find an easier, healthier and yummier alternative. Instead of 3 in 1, maybe i should make my own using just instant coffee and milk. Like what I did in Madinah. Warm milk plus coffee, its yummy! I have that milk warmer i bought in Madinah. Should start making use of that.

Money matters

I could save more. If I am frugal enough, I have 2K balance from my salary every month. If I could just save have of that consistently, I could start planning to buy my own property next year. I also need to give more. Share more.

Spiritual matters

I could be more focus in my prayers. I need to stop talking to my self whilst praying. I do that a lot I find. Keep forgetting what I was doing. The classes have been fun. I am grateful that I got the chance to join. May God keep me steadfast.

Personal matters

I am looking and praying for someone who could complete me. Someone who reminds me of God every single day. Someone who motivate and support me. I know that if it is meant to be, we will find each other. I just need to be patient, keep the faith and pray for the best coz God knows best.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


I need to make some changes to my diet. Been taking too much sugary and creamy drinks. My exercise regime is affected since my gym close down. I did some weight training at home but i think it is not sufficient. Perhaps I need to do it daily to maintain my weight?

Its just that I recently enrolled into night classes. I will get home close to 11pm. Perhaps I can do 30 mins workout prior to shower and going to sleep. 

I need to get on a proper diet regime to assist me. If not I am going to gain the weight that I've loss and that would be a terrible shame.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Chinese New Year 2018

The perks of living in Malaysia is that we are blessed with so many public holidays! Chinese New Year is coming up next week. Since our company has many chinese employees and bosses, the office will be closed for 2 days next week meaning we have a 4 days long weekends. Weeeee....

Normally I would go back to my hometown but considering the traffic jam and all, my sister and I decided to just stay put and celebrate CNY in KL instead. I am finding ideas of what to do. Will end up staying indoors watching netflix the whole time instead if I do not have an interesting enough plans.

Currently, my usual weekends involved a lot of netflix, a bit of physical activity and some shopping. Its a pretty good weekend itinerary in my opinion. I get to relax, read, do a bit of housekeeping. Yep. I really enjoy my weekends.

Perhaps this long weekend I can spend it in the city. Maybe visit the KL Park, or KL Tower etc. Catch up on movies perhaps. Hangout at the mall. Have nice meals. I am pretty content with my current situation. I have planned an island trip early next month. exactly 23 days away. Its an all in package. Yes, I indulge a bit this month. I did a lot of shopping too. Bought 2 designer watches, a new court shoes, a handbag, a pair of swimsuit, a memory foam pillow, a new bed sheet. This type of spending need to stop soon as my fund is depleting. 

On a brighter note, I am currently debt free. Settled all my loans. Now I just need to take care of my daily expenses. I am so happy with this achievement.

To Do List 2018

I have not been able to come up with a list for this year. Been reading a lot and the focus for this year is just going to be on me. Last saturday I finally paid a visit to Yayasan Ta'lim just to check out the night classes schedules. I signed up for all classes. There was no commitment fee but if you want to get the certificates, your attendance have to be 80%. I just finding ways to compel my self to be steadfast in my journey as a devout Muslim.

I am still contemplating on a solo travel. I am thinking of experiencing a quiet country life in UK or France or Italy. Just experience how the locals live.  Not do much of touristy things. Need to narrow down on the specific town. I can't imagine living in London. Somewhere near to London (perhaps). I am not sure.

This main focus this year is my self and not worrying about others too much. So far, I have been able to do just that and i am pretty impress with my self. I just need to stick to stick to the routine and once I have the necessary momentum, i will be ok.

Thursday, January 25, 2018


Its the 25th day of 2018. This is my first post for the year. I have been having nose blocked as well as mental blocked. Been meaning to write, note a few experience on umrah but have yet to find the will. Not sure how this post will turn out to be but whatever...

Its been almost a week since I left the Holy Lands.I brought back with me a terrible flu. and a bag of gratitude. Perhaps my gratitude was mask with this flu I am trying to manage. The memories of my umrah seems so surreal. When I was there, I keep savouring the moment and kept thinking what a blessing I have to be able to just commit my time and energy to God and just focus on the whole journey without thinking about work or relationship or anything else.

I will write a proper post on my umrah. I am realigning my focus. I need to find a new purpose. Something to look forward to in 2018. Physically, spiritually, financially.

I am aiming to sculpt my body to perfection. Bought some weight plates. I had a go at it last night but very lightly since I am still unwell.

Spiritually, I've discovered night classes in TTDI. I am planning to check it out.

Financially, I am trying to save up to RM10,000 minimum. Once the fund reach 10K, then only i can plan for everything else. Target date is sometime in the middle of the year.

I am still thinking of a white christmas.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Gratitude List No. 19

I am so grateful to be receiving some good news yesterday. The company has rewarded us handsomely for our service and I am planning to use it for several amazing plans in 2018.

First off is to settle some debts. Then to set aside some money for rainy days. After that I need to prepare for umrah and also some repair work for my car. Also set aside some money for hajj.

Lastly, spend some money on my self and my family.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Gratitude List No. 18

Had a nice weekend with my other half. I had been planning to meet him and the Universe just give me exactly what I want. I am so grateful for that. Planning to spend each minute together with laughter and happiness and lots of love.

Meal plans for the week simply because i need to take stock of my pantry

Monday - dinner : chicken breast, mashed and vegies
Tuesday - Breakfast: sandwich Lunch: Salad Dinner: rice and rendang omelet
Wednesday - Breakfast: eggs Lunch: salad Dinner drummets and salads Movie Night
Thursday - Breakfast: sandwich Lunch: sandwich  Dinner pasta
Friday - breakfast: eggs Lunch: Salad Dinner chicken
Saturday - brunch: english Dinner: pizza
Sunday: Johor

Friday, November 17, 2017

Gratitude List No. 17

I am very happy and very thankful today. Its Friday. My nemesis aka the one that still holds my heart is coming to town. Its been 2 months since i last saw him. Not a very long time when you put it in words. But to experience his absence, its a painful experience. I hope I am strong enough to let him go again when he needs to return to his hometown next month.

Although he is very much a pain in the ass, I love having someone who is fun to be around. The thing about him is this, he does not act his age. He treats me as his equal sometimes in a very disrespectful way. He knows the real me. He knows everything about me. He endures me. We endured each other.

I am planning so many things to do together

1. Train together
2. Eat pizza together - been craving pizza for the longest time
3. Go out for brunch together
4. Watch Justice League
5. Argue with each other
6. Talk about deep issues together
7. Inspire each other

Progress updates

Its a hectic week. Which I love coz the days just flew past me. Been making good progress on dieting as well. Manage to cut back on sugar si...