Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Gratitude List No. 19

I am so grateful to be receiving some good news yesterday. The company has rewarded us handsomely for our service and I am planning to use it for several amazing plans in 2018.

First off is to settle some debts. Then to set aside some money for rainy days. After that I need to prepare for umrah and also some repair work for my car. Also set aside some money for hajj.

Lastly, spend some money on my self and my family.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Gratitude List No. 18

Had a nice weekend with my other half. I had been planning to meet him and the Universe just give me exactly what I want. I am so grateful for that. Planning to spend each minute together with laughter and happiness and lots of love.

Meal plans for the week simply because i need to take stock of my pantry

Monday - dinner : chicken breast, mashed and vegies
Tuesday - Breakfast: sandwich Lunch: Salad Dinner: rice and rendang omelet
Wednesday - Breakfast: eggs Lunch: salad Dinner drummets and salads Movie Night
Thursday - Breakfast: sandwich Lunch: sandwich  Dinner pasta
Friday - breakfast: eggs Lunch: Salad Dinner chicken
Saturday - brunch: english Dinner: pizza
Sunday: Johor

Friday, November 17, 2017

Gratitude List No. 17

I am very happy and very thankful today. Its Friday. My nemesis aka the one that still holds my heart is coming to town. Its been 2 months since i last saw him. Not a very long time when you put it in words. But to experience his absence, its a painful experience. I hope I am strong enough to let him go again when he needs to return to his hometown next month.

Although he is very much a pain in the ass, I love having someone who is fun to be around. The thing about him is this, he does not act his age. He treats me as his equal sometimes in a very disrespectful way. He knows the real me. He knows everything about me. He endures me. We endured each other.

I am planning so many things to do together

1. Train together
2. Eat pizza together - been craving pizza for the longest time
3. Go out for brunch together
4. Watch Justice League
5. Argue with each other
6. Talk about deep issues together
7. Inspire each other

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Gratitude List No.16

1. My muesli breakfast. A tad too sweet. Maxed my sugar quota for the day. Would probably hit the gym later tonight.

2. Tinder. This is how i kill time these days. Apart from Netflix and gym, Tinder let me meet new people online. I never really consider my self as a social person but I need to fill up my time and meeting new people seems like a good idea. For now...

3. Coffee. My love for coffee is everlasting I guess. I feel so happy when I get to drink my 1st cup of coffee in the morning.

4. Good friend. I don't have that many friend. I need some time to build trust on a person. Sven has been a great friend. Probably his laid back nature just make it easy for me to share my every thoughts with him.

5. Physical well being. Consistently working out at the gym has been fruitful. I lost at least 5kg. Seeing the changes in my body just made me want to push my self even more.

6. Work. Currently going through a bit of a down time after almost 2 weeks of craziness.

7. Hometown & family. Went back to my hometown last weekend. Spent quality time with the family. Get to relax and recharged a bit. Took Monday off just to trim my hair and spent some time with my own thoughts.

8. Home. Finding it hard to keep the place truly neat and tidy recently. I just need to buck up and get it done. Having a place to sleep and rest its a blessing. Just need to make it even more comfortable for me.

9. Future. Thinking of a 5 years plan. I really have no idea. I am just glad that I manage to finish 1 year with this company. Career wise, this place is a good place to build my portfolio and confidence in a corporate world. Its just sometimes the stress really could get to you. I have to remember that it is hard to even get a place in a company such as my current company. I really really need to make good use of my opportunity here. At the same time, also focusing on what I want to do next.

10. Weekend. Looking forward to the weekend. I just want to rest. Clean up the place and spend time writing. Probably go to the gym to burn more and more!!!

11. Life. My life as a whole is a blessing. I am glad I found the time to write my thoughts down. I am grateful for everything I have in my life.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Gratitude List No. 15

Rainy Tuesday morning. I was on leave yesterday. Just taking some "me time". Managed to cut my hair, went to the gym, do a bit of reading and meet a new friend. So, yesterday was pretty hectic yet very fulfilling.

Looking forward to weekends since I spent last weekend with the family. It was fine but a bit tiring since I had to drive. Planning for umrah in January but dad was not keen so does Anna. I am quiet resolved but this would very much depends on my family and my company.

My car has been paid off. So that's a relief. Finishing off one more loan next month. So December gonna so awesome.

I hope to finish off this week calmly, gladly and positively. 

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Gratitude List No.14 - Dreams Do Come True

Read an article today about Tony Fernandez, the Founder of Air Asia. He was in the music industry when he decided to buy Air Asia and turn it into the best low cost airlines in Asia. He also dream of it and work hard for it.

I have to spend more time dreaming. Focusing on what I want in my life. Giving energized thoughts to only those that matters to my life right now.

I want to be in love again. To be loved by someone who love me as much as I love him. To be able to share stories, laughter, ideas, ambitions and time. Spending time with those who love you is the best feeling in the world. You don't have to do much, just to be with each other, that is enough to make your heart flutter and smile in bliss. I am not asking for much. Just someone who appreciate me and care for me as much as I appreciate them.

I want to travel again. Tickets to Amsterdam and London has been pretty affordable through out the year. With RM3,000 you get a return ticket. I am planning to fill my 2018 with a few trips. Amsterdam and London is high on my list.

I want to have a toned and fit body. Consistently working out have proven fruitful. I have shed some serious weight and all I need to do is keep it up for another month so that it is in my routine. Still aiming for six pack. The journey has been awesome. Looking at my body each and everyday and seeing how it has changed is just awesome.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Sweet Dream

Been having sweet dreams and it seems that this dream repeat it self every week. I am crushing so hard on the actor of Chicago Fire, Jesse Spencer. That eyes. That face. What does this type of dreams even mean?

Its not like i was watching the series before I fell asleep. So to be thinking of him even when I did not watch the series is just weird. But anyhow, I really enjoyed the nice warm feelings even though it was just a temporary feelings.

Gratitude List No. 13 - Stronger

I am learning to take better care of my self. Putting my need first. Making my self happier. Learning to say no.

Over the weekend, my other half asked for a small loan. It is truly a small loan. But I feel like in order to help him, I need to teach him to stand on his own feet. Quit asking for favours, begging for loans. It is so unbecoming. I really loves helping out but I just don't want this to become a habit as this really is a bad habit.

Let's move on to a brighter topic. I had a nice weekend. A balance one. Spent time with my nephews. Took them to see Thor Ragnarok. Its an awesome movie. We all had a good time. After half a day with them, I get to rest. Did a bit of grocery shopping and chatting with a friend till midnight. Went home to do a Harry Potter marathon, woke up late on Sunday. Do a bit of housekeeping and preparing for weekdays. Basically, lots of rest.

Today is Monday. As usual, it always starts with a bang. I am pretty immune to it already. So, now looking forward to weekend again. Probably gonna go back to visit my parents. Take them to a nice dinner perhaps.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Gratitude List No. 12 - Resilience

Yesterday was pretty hard. Luckily I had a relaxing weekend. I went home yesterday and completely reset my mind. To me, today is a new day and I decided last night that I am going to have a good day today. 

I just realised that my mind and body is so used to a 7 hours sleep every night. I will automatically wake up after 7 hours of sleep no matter what day it is. For the past week, I woke up without my alarm. I am glad that I feel so restful at night and energize in the morning.

I get to prepare lunch. Yesterday was chicken salad and today was tuna pasta. I still have left over for tonite. 

Pay day is just around the corner. Looking forward to that as well. Maybe another relaxing weekend? I did not do much last weekend. Went out for breakfast on Saturday. Just loitering at the mall since the sun was so hot. Did a bit of reading and writing. Spending time with  my self and people watching. Probably going to do the same this weekend. 

Need to attend to my budget. Car insurance renewal and road tax is expiring. That is not fun but I am grateful that I can manage my own expenses.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Gratitude List No.11 - Living in The Now

Had an awesome day off yesterday. I just realized that when you really make use of your time, you feel like you have so much time when in actual fact its just the usual 24 hours.

I get to do laundry, wake up a bit later than usual, had brunch, went to a cafe for coffee and read and then hit the gym for 1 hour to just sweat. When I got back from gym, i get to prepare my own meal and just chill in front of the tv. A get to retire to bed earlier than normal, get my 8 hour sleep with the help of sleep hypnosis and woke up feeling recharge!

So today is Thursday. Work is flowing as per normal. Had an awesome lunch with colleague, had a friendly banter with my other half and just finish planning for a night out watching movie with one of my colleague.

The topic living in the now is a popular self help topic. I don't really understand it until I had this conversation a moment ago with my colleague. I told her about how my day went yesterday and I feel so satisfied. She is the type of person who worries a lot and spend her Saturday night worrying that weekend is ending and Monday is coming.  I told her that if you want to feel that you have so much time on your hand, go do stuff. She has a different opinion on that regards. According to her, if she spend her day doing things, the day will just flew by and she doesn't get to savour the moment. She would just rather sit and look at the clock knowing that she has all day of not working so that she can fully prepare herself for the work that is coming the next day.

I disagree with how she does things and we agree to disagree because she prefers it that way. I would think that she wasted her time worrying about the next day. She should have just enjoyed the off day by doing all the things she loves doing. That is how you really utilized the time given to you.

I am blessed that I have this knowledge. Wish I could persuade her to agree with me. Slowly...

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Gratitude List No. 10 - Public Holiday in Malaysia

Malaysians are just blessed. Due to our diversity and respect to every race and religions in this country, we are rewarded with various public holidays. Tomorrow is Deepavali. A festival of light celebrate by our Indian community. Tomorrow is Wednesday, hump day some called it. Its a good day to just have a break from work and recharge.

I just made plan with a friend to go out for breakfast. Just need to be around people so that I don't feel as if I am wasting my public holiday doing nothing. Maybe I can do a bit of reading as well. Since gadget is around, all information is within your fingertips. But we don't really learn anything from such information. We just search the info for info purposes not for knowledge. It can be changed. Just read as we used to do before there were mobile phones.

Already going off topic... Anyhow, I am going to enjoy my off day. Its going to be epic. I am going to savour each moment and utilized each moment properly so that I will look forward to finish off the week with energy and happiness.

Gratitude List No. 19

I am so grateful to be receiving some good news yesterday. The company has rewarded us handsomely for our service and I am planning to use i...