Monday, November 14, 2011

The Meaning of My Name

I was blogwalking today... Terjumpa blog 1001 Rahsia Diri. Menarik sgt. 

Just curious about the meaning of my name. Saje nak tgk tepat ke tak tafsiran dia ni. So, i share this with you la k... 

FEveryone loves you.
A - You can be very quiet when you have something on your mind. 
I  -  You are always smiling and making others smile.
R - You are a social butterfly. 
Y -  You cause a lot of trouble
F -  Everyone loves you
A-  You can be very quiet when you have something on your mind. 
R - You are a social butterfly. 
I -   You are always smiling and making others smile.
N-  You like to work, but you always want a break.
A - You can be very quiet when you have something on your mind.

Well, not bad. not 100% tepat, but ok la.. U can try it too, at this link.

Selamat mencuba!

Bahana Paintball

Sabtu lepas, 12/11/2011 buat julung-julung kalinya telah berlangsung aktiviti paintball anjuran ofis aku. Seramai 11 org ahli keluarga firma JGA hadir tetapi hanya 10 saja yg bermain. (Ayat pengenalan, skema tak ingat punya lah!)

Ok ok.. aku unskemakan diri kejap..

Google Image

Kteorg main kat Mudtrekker Kuang Sg. Buloh. Mmg muddy! Mlm tu hujan, pagi tu hujan, main dlm hujan. Mmg selamat la baju, kasut semua. Nasib baik takde pacat.

Kat lengan kiri kena tembak 4 kali

Badan aku lebam-lebam, kaki tangan lenguh2.. Ikut kiraan aku, aku kena tembak sebanyak 7 kali. Sekali tu peluru kena badan tp tak meletup. Sakit giler!

Main 5 round. 1 round je aku kena tembak. hahahah... Pakar menyorok aku ni..

Pengajaran dari aktiviti ni adalah seperti berikut:

1. Jangan main paintball dengan lawyers. Dorang mmg tak reti ikut rules. Buat penat je buat guideline before game start, bila game mula je, buat rules masing2...

2. Paintball adalah game yg sgt best utk teambuilding. Kalau korang dah ada team, tp kerjasama, relationship korang sucks, paintball adalah aktiviti yang bagus untuk balas dendam.

3. Kalau nak main paintball, sila pki t-shirt yg tebal sket, seluar pakai la beberapa lapis. Aku yg pki jeans pun bleh lebam kat kaki. Tension je.

4. Main ngn kawan2 ag best dari main ngn org2 tua yang pk nak menang je. Giler btol.

Ok. Dah abis mengarut dah arini. Sambung lain ari plak.

Friday, November 11, 2011


Weee... Menarik betul tarikh hari ni...

Sebelum ni buat pos pasal 1/11/11, ni 11/11/11... Kawan aku, anak dia lahir hari ni. Best giler birth date dia. M so jealous...hahahah

Aku terbaca satu article pasal tarikh ni dari website Klik sini untuk link to the article.
Pada yg malas nak klik, meh baca kat bawah ni

WEDNESDAY Nov. 9, 2011 — In case you haven’t heard, this Friday is going to be one pretty cool day. Sure, it’s Veterans Day, the start of your weekend, and the date of the DVD release ofHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. But it’s also the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 2011. And many people — from numerologists and gamblers to betrothed and expecting couples — have deemed 11/11/2011 a significantly lucky day.
But what’s really behind all the fuss? Grab your favorite pair of corduroys and your beginner’s guide to blackjack — and check out these (mostly) fortunate facts about Nov. 11, 2011.
1. It’s your lucky day! Brush it off as nothing more than a prime number, but some people look to the number 11 for good luck. Eleven-lauders include certain numerologists, gamblers (especially those betting in blackjack and keno, according to Live Science), and meditation proponents (they believe that the universe is the most open at 11 a.m. and at 11 p.m., numerologist Glynis McCants of told ABC News).
What makes 11 more special than, say, 4, 15, or 3,856? Numerologists associate the number with balance and congruency, and math whizzes think it’s interesting because of little facts like this: If a number is divisible by 11, reverse its digits and that will create another multiple of 11 (for example, 1,056 is divisible by 11 — reverse it to 6,501, and that’s also divisible by 11).
2. Things get even luckier when the clock strikes 11:11. Ever seen someone kiss their watch at precisely 11:11? Just like the date, the time is considered to be lucky by many (and hey, you don’t have to wait every 100 years to boost your karma in this instance — it occurs twice a day, every day). In fact, many people claim that, by chance, they’re always glancing up at the clock when it turns 11:11.
Weird coincidence? Not really. Psychologists chalk this up to apophenia — the tendency to find significance and patterns in data that is actually meaningless. "Cognitive scientists have demonstrated that the human brain is hard-wired to look for meaningful patterns in the sensory data it collects from the world," Alan Lenzi, professor of religious studies at University of the Pacific, told Life’s Little Mysteries.
3. Or is it your unlucky day? For every person on Team 11, there’s also someone who wants nothing to do with what they believe is actually an ill-fated digit. The 16th-century scholar Petrus Bungus said that 11 "has no connection with divine things, no ladder reaching up to things above, nor any merit" — and because of this, many numerologists of his time considered the number to represent pure evil, according to LiveScience.
And it wouldn’t be like Hollywood to let such a momentous occasion pass without making a movie about it. This time, they’re playing to public fears with the horror flick 11-11-11, which comes out in select cities on — you guessed it — 11/11/11. The film is about an author who is cursed to a number of unfortunate events on the date.
4. Wedding bells will be ringing! You don’t need good luck to make a marriage last — you need love, respect, and hard work. But maybe it can’t hurt to get hitched on 11/11/11. In fact, more than 24,000 couples across the United States plan to wed this Friday, according — compared to about 1,500 couples who get married on an average Friday in November and 2,667 pairs who tied the knot last Valentine’s Day.
To prepare for the influx of marriage applications, the marriage license bureau in Las Vegas has even announced that it is increasing staffing on Nov. 11, according to USA Today.
5. There could be a baby boom, too. What’s even better than having an 11/11/11 anniversary date? An 11/11/11 birthday. And back in February, some parents-to-be did their darndest to conceive a child who would be born on the lucky day. "They can certainly try to time when they get pregnant, but the variable is when the woman is ovulating — and once you become pregnant there are so many other variables, the exact date is really up to Mother Nature," Samuel Pang, MD, medical director at the Reproductive Science Center of New England, told ABC News.
Couples who enjoyed a Valentine’s Day romp could be in luck, as a baby who was conceived around February 18 could very well be born on Nov. 11, said Dr. Pang.
6. Nov. 11 is also Veterans Day. It may be getting overshadowed this year by weddings and gambling, but Veterans Day is celebrated annually on Nov. 11. The United States honors its war veterans on this day to commemorate the signing of the armistice that ended World War I, which went into effect on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. This 11/11/11, don’t forget to pay your respects to those who have served our country.
7. And it’s Corduroy Appreciation Day! It’s time to don your favorite pair of cords, since Nov. 11 is also National Corduroy Appreciation Day. It’s been celebrated annually on this date for the past few years, as 11/11 most resembles the lines of the fabric. And since this year there’s an extra 11 in the mix, corduroy fanatics everywhere will be celebrating in a big way: According to MSNBC, events include the Chicagoland Corduroy Appreciation Ball in Chicago and the Annual Grand 111111 Meeting in New York City.
8. Break out the origami and heavy metal. Okay, so it’s Veterans Day, Corduroy Appreciation Day, and thousands of couples’ wedding days. But Nov. 11 is also Origami Day in Japan (where the paper crane symbolizes peace), as well as National Metal Day, when VH1 will be honoring heavy metal music (rumor has it, the original lineup of the band Black Sabbath, including Ozzy Ozbourne himself, may reunite for the momentous occasion).
9. It’s a great day to jet set. Come Friday, Americans will be doing more than tying the knot and sporting cords — plenty of people are also going on vacation to take advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime 11/11/11 deals offered by travel Web sites to celebrate the day. Where is everyone headed? According to, the Grand Canyon is one of the top destinations, as well as Paris, New York City, and Niagara Falls.
10. The last 11/11/11 made weather history. Though few people are old enough to remember the last 11/11/11, it was also famous for the Great Blue Norther, one of the biggest cold snaps — a dramatic temperature fluctuation — in U.S. history. For many Midwestern cities, this date in 1911 was only time when record-high and record-low temperatures were broken on the same day.
11. 11/11/11? There’s a Facebook group for that. If you’re feeling like the lone 11/11/11 reveler in your circle of friends, look no further than the 11:11 Facebook fan page. This group of more than 643,000 people from around the world is counting down to 11:11 a.m. on this momentous 11/11/11. Cheers!

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