Menjauh dari Allah. Menjauh dari segala hal.

Rasa makin menjauh dari semua hal semua benda semua orang. Now aku paling paling malas nak bercakap dgn housemates. They are nice girls a definite blessings from God. but I do not know why, I have less and less interest to talk to them and spend time with them.

Its been awhile since I go back to my hometown. Anna is at home currently. Mom is busy with her business. Dad is minding his own. Yus is pregnant. So I spent most weekends at Wah's since she just had a new baby and mom has not see the baby yet. Its been at least 2 weeks. Its weird but that's mom. She can hold on to grudges forever. I pray that Allah make it easy for her to let go of the past and just move on.

Its also been awhile since I have a meaningful conversation with Ridzuan. Its all mundane and routine questions. There are frictions here and there but nothing serious or major. I found that some of his thoughts are repetitions and they just annoying.

I do not feel lonely tho. I always have friends when I need to talk to someone. I have my work to go to. I have my COC. I have my bed and amazing pillows. Thank God for all of that!

I think I need a bigger bed LOL!

Probably a tatami mattress. Am i losing it??

I hope not


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