Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sending my Prayers through Malaysia's Clear Blue Sky

Alhamdulillah, all praises to Allah for the most beautiful sky this week. After a month long rain, now it is sunny every morning. So sunny that I could get into an accident if I'm not careful driving as the sun is in my eyes almost every morning. Thank you God for protecting me and keeping me safe on the road.

I think it is important to take some time to appreciate what we have been given instead of complaining on what we do not have or all the problems we are facing in our everyday life. So I am grateful for so many things but most of all I am grateful to be able to see this magnificent blue sky every morning this week.

However, there are people who is blessed with health and wealth yet find it hard to be thankful and keep telling everyone of how terrible his/her life is. How huge his/her problem is and forgetting the fact that there are other people, real people with even more serious problem in their life yet they are strong and steadfast in their course.

I'm not here to be a hater to negative people, just that I am totally frustrated. These people are a reminder for me to look past their faults and look into my life. When I encounter these types of people, I take it as a sign from God asking me to evaluate my life. If I am frustrated with their attitude towards me, do I have the same attitude and am I acting the same way perhaps not to others but to God almighty?

I am quite positive that I have the same attributes to those annoying people that came into my life crying telling me how bad their fate is. Let's look into my life, my action. Everyday (almost) I keep asking for protection, for blessings, for rezk yet I did not do enough to show my gratitude towards what I have been given. I still feel I am lacking in every possible way.

This is a clear sign showing that my deen is still weak. I keep saying this and posting this do I want this?


So, is it enough to recognize the weakness over and over again yet failed to improved my practice? I don't think so...  *sigh*

This is my test. Which I keep on failing. God please forgive me. Please help me to keep my iman.

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