Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Day 1

Happy new year everyone. Happy birthday to  me!

Yes today is my birthday. No celebration just many warm wishes from those who loves me the most or those who are closest to me.

2014. A new year. A fresh start. I start of my day with a promise. To heal my self and to keep my self healthy. My aim is not to loose weight, I just want to be healthy by making better choices. So, I am going to start a short term goal. Starting today till 10th January I am going to do the following:-

  1.  stay off simple sugar i.e sweets, chocolate, ice cream & carbonated drinks
  2.  eat fresh fruits instead
  3. drink water
  4. stay off processed food
  5. eat more greens and home cook meals
  6. no fast food, no junk food
So today, as the 1st day I started with an omelet and water. I went to the pharmacy and bought probiotics. I has bento and shashimi at Sushi King for lunch. Then I went grocery shopping. I bought the following:-
  1. potatoes
  2. baby carrots and cherry tomatoes for snacks
  3. ground meat
  4. chicken
  5. grapes
  6. lemons
  7. eggs  
I am going to make meatballs and refrigerate them. I also intend to make potatoes salad as I can keep it refrigerated too. That way I can safe some cooking time. Sometime, after coming back from work, I can get so tired and end up eating instant noodle which is bad!

I will update this blog as regularly as I can.

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