Thursday, January 2, 2014

Being Normal

I rarely complaints out loud in my blog. I'm seeking permission to do just that today. Pardon me, forgive me but I need to be a normal human being just for awhile.

I've been feeling so tired for the past few days. I sleep at night with thoughts about work almost every night. Its so difficult to do any positive visualization when I have all sorts of problems congesting my mind.

Being the office manager is such a headache. I desire having reliable staffs. No nonsense staffs. Dear God, dear life, give me the strength to go through each passing day.

I just want to sleep. Rest. Think about nothing but happiness in the future. Think about love. So many things in my mind right now!!! If only I could just dump a portion of my memory somewhere.

Work is giving me too much headache. M losing my sleep and appetite thinking of work. Is it too challenging??

Last but not least, let me count my blessings.

Thank you for giving me faithful sisters. They are the most reliable person in my life!! and I love them to death. Thank you for allowing me to work in a very supportive firm. They forever encourage me, advise me, supports me, love me, teach me and care for me. Thank you for giving me the wisdom and courage to tackle each duty that I've been entrusted with. Thank you for the never ending guidance from Allah. Thank you for protecting me and always keeping me safe from harm. Thank you for giving me the strength to wake up every morning. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to breath and live yet another day. Thank you for giving me kind hearted friends who always care for my well being. Bless them with happiness and health also wealth. Thank you for giving me such wonderful nephew. He gave me great joy and happiness. Bless him with a wonderful life, health and happiness. Thank you for the feeling of love that I feel each and every moment in my life from everyone and everything that surrounds me.

God Bless You!


aibaks said...

life without challenges make us weak.. stand back after such fall brought us to our next level..

happy blogging from me and like your blog.. i followed you..

dreamChaser said...

take care :)
evrything happens for a reason :)

Fairyfarina said...

@aibaks- so touched by your comments. thanks for following :) keep in touch n God Bless!

@dreamChaser: thank u :) tk care 2

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