Friday, January 3, 2014

Flattered by Anil Netto

Was feeling down due to health issue. Updating my blog with so much negativity. Tetiba terfikir nak check pageview. Nampak my post on Melaka dapat banyak reader secara tak semena-mena. Saw that the traffic source was from

I was surprised to see that my entry on Melaka was mentioned on his blog. You can read it here. Tatau nak rasa malu or bangga or what.

Oh well, I am glad that I manage to get my opinion out there. Manage to read a bit about him. Interesting guy. Should read more of his posts as he writes about current issues effecting Malaysians. Definitely something I am passionate about.

If you are reading this dear Mr. Anil Netto, thanks and yes I am embarrassed. I just hope that Melaka State Government could pay more attention to public amenities than waste their time and money on talking nonsense and giving empty promises to the rakyat.

Have to get back to work now.

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