Thursday, January 2, 2014

Writing Down Your Worries Can Boost Performance??

I read about this topic here.

I have yet to test the theory but i think the theory might not work for me. The basic rule in the Secret teaching is "Thought Become Things". So, if you write down your worries, you are thinking of your worries and according to the Secret's teaching, your worries is going to materialise coz your are thinking about it.
by Mr. Google
So, what do I do when I worry about something?
I distract my self by doing something that makes me happy. Like reading in a bookshop or listening to music or drive around or workout in the gym, or eating ice cream. For the time being, the best remedy I found is, talking to someone. Sometimes, we really think that we had a rough day at work or our work is so hard or our boss is such a badass or whatever when in reality, there are others who has even worse job then ours. I find it soothing listening to other people's problem when I my self is jammed with problems. When I listen to their problem which most of the time is worse then mine and when I could find solutions for their problems make me realise that my problems are solveable so, I have nothing to worry about.
Oh well, lain orang lain cara rite? Just be happy coz we live only once, why waste it by worrying?

by Mr. Google again

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