Thursday, January 2, 2014

My Ramadhan Story

I am so happy and grateful that I was given the chance by God Almighty to fast in this holy month of Ramadhan. Wishing all Muslims friends a very happy Ramadhan :)

This is my second year fasting at home with my parents most of the time. I love fasting at home coz its so comfortable. On 2008, I had to fast in KL. At that time I was chambering in a firm near Jalan Masjid India and was staying in an apartment in Sentul Timur. In my experience, Ramadhan 2008 was the worst Ramadhan in my life. It didn't feel like it was a fasting month at all.

We (KC & I) break fast in office most of the time by eating whatever we could grab downstairs. There were so many people in Jalan Masjid India and there were not so many choices. There was this one day, we break fast with instant noodle in the office because we were way to busy to go downstairs and buy proper food. I don't recommend anyone to eat out during break fast period in KL because every food outlets will be packed with people. So, most of the days we end up drinking coffee in the office then grab something to eat before we go home around 9pm everyday.

However, we were so grateful to be living in Sentul Timur at that time coz Sentul Timur has the longest Bazaar Ramadhan. We visited the Bazaar every chance we got and mostly its on the weekends coz we were not working. I had the pleasure of sharing the Ramadhan with a friend for United States, Adelaide and she had a blast trying all the different food and drinks available.

I am never fussy when it comes to food during Ramadhan. Dates is a must for me and I eat whatever available. Maybe because I've experienced Ramadhan in college, away from family and eating whatever was serve in the dining hall. I loss so much weight fasting in college, it was 2006 if I'm not mistaken. I had a great Ramadhan on 2007. I was renting a house in Shah Alam with a bunch of friends. Breaking fast with them is an awesome activity. There were so many bazaar Ramadhan in Shah Alam and there were so many place that we can hangout and break fast. The best is on an open field near the lake. Sweet memories...

Wishing everyone the very best of Ramadhan! God Bless.

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