Saturday, January 11, 2014

Paleo Day 10

Despite the near death experience, I try my best to follow the plan. Had VCO in the morning and took my probiotics. That was all I had until I met my dad at the workshop where they are going to fix my car. Somewhere in Kepong. After talking to the mechanic, he took me to Selayang Mall before heading back to Kampar. He said he wants to do some shopping. I guess he prefer shopping without my mom.

He got himself 2 pairs of pants and 2 polo tees for me. Parkson is having a grand sale of some sorts so we had a very good bargain. After shopping, we went to have lunch at a friend's JM Beriyani at Selayang Mall. Had beriyani ayam and tapau some for mom.

We reach Kampar at aroun 5pm. Went straight to our tailor to get my dad's new pants shortened. After that, we make a move to Fizz Delight where my mom is. Due to my accident, both mom and dad had to play truant for me. Aren't they the best parents ever? :P

After closing shop at aound 8pm, I went home. After a good shower and an earnest prayer giving thanks to God for sparing my life, I share beriyani daging with mom. We chat whilst watching tv. As usual, before going to sleep, I had a tablespoon of VCO.

That was the last day of my 10 day paleo diet challenge. Still have no idea what is my next challenge will be. Been stuffing my face with mom's good food. I am going to indulge for the weekend :)

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