Thursday, January 30, 2014

Me & IBS

Since I was diagnosed with IBS, I have been trying to make healthier choices when it comes to food. I have tried Poleo diet for 10 days and currently I try my best to avoid consuming highly processed food.

Whilst the diet helps to reduce the symptoms of IBS, I would like to treat this illness once and for all. My doctor told me that there is no cure for IBS, somehow I just find it hard to believe. Thus, I would like to try and cure it on my own. So daring and gutsy eyh?

Although IBS is not life threatening and it hardly effect my daily routine but sometimes the discomforts is so irritating. When people asked me how to described it, I can only tell them that its like having a terrible headache in your gut and there is no medicine for it.

When I told close friends and family about my illness, almost all of them will ask, how did I get it. After reading over the internet about IBS, most of the experts state that the caused of IBS is unknown. However I know that it all has to be with my unhealthy diet for the past 2 years.

I have been consuming instant noodles almost every other night, canned sardines and fast food. Apart from that, I hardly take breakfast, I skipped meals all the time and I drink coffee a lot. To make things worse for my gut, I have this one very bad habit that I didn't know would effect me in the long run, I hate taking my time chewing the food I ate thus making it harder for my body to digest whatever I ate.

I think I have been burdening my intestine for more than 20 years and now only drastic diet and lifestyle changes could help me. After reading numerous article, I came across low FODMAP diet. I shall give it a try. It is strict but I have to do this if I want to have a normal intestine again.

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