Monday, January 6, 2014

Paleo Day 6

Dah 6 hari dah rupanya aku ikut Paleo diet ni. My verdict so far, I lost over 1 kg. Aku rasa just by cutting off sugar from your diet, you would be able to lose weight. But then again, aku punya 10 days challenge ni bukan untuk lose weight. I just want to make better choice and eat healthy meals so that I can heal my body. Tu je.

Aku rasa ubat yang doktor tu bagi dah menampakkan kesan. Although I still experience low grumbling sound coming from my gut, at least I am not going to the toilet as often as before. Thank God.

I am still contemplating whether to visit the specialist or not. My mom has been nagging me to go but truthfully, I don't like seeing doctors.

Anyway, untuk hari ke-6 ni makan biasa je. Morning, I took the probiotics, ubat dari doktor tu and pisang untuk lapik perut. Sampai ofis drink 2 gelas air. Lunch kt luar makan nasi campur. As usual, nasi dikurangkan. Lauk hari ni lebih pada meat. Kemudia aku amik egg tofu and mango salad tak lupa juga sambal belacan. Malam ni most probably just makan meatball yang aku dah prep and freeze semalam. Sos bolognese aku yang awesome pun masih ada lagi. I am set for tonite.

By the end of the week nak cuba diet lain plak. Been reading about all these different diet. Macam menarik je. Ada flat tummy diet la, 3 days diet la. Will read some more and make my decision by the end of the week.

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