Thursday, January 9, 2014

Rindu Serindu Rindunya

Tekak ni gatal sangat... Rasa nak minum coffee la, makan millie crepe la, ais krim la. Tapi aku tahan juga. 10 days Paleo challange akan berakhir esok. So, Sabtu dah boleh makan sweets tapi still in moderation as I aim to be as healthy as can be from 1st January 2014 onward.

VCO tu memang menampakkan hasil. The flares have reduced to almost non existent. Although my stool stil quite watery, at least there is no pain anymore. I am happy. So, I am going to continue drinking VCO.

I am not sure whether I can ever get used to the taste and smell. I gagged every time I swallow the oil. I just have to do what it takes lah if I want to get better right?

I will only update on today's diet progress, tomorrow. I will also decide on my next challenge to undertake tomorrow.

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