Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Rambling Thoughts

I am supper happy and grateful to announce that I have resume my work. Weee!

I was on medical leave for almost 2 months. Thankfully I was not bed ridden. I was up and about though my movement was limited. I perform my daily prayers whilst sitting as the bag is preventing me to sujud properly.

Feels good to be back. Everyone is happy to see me. Especially my boss and the Managing Director. I forgot to mention it but I have moved to Kajang. Closer to office. I get to wake up later and still make it on time to office.

It's summer time here. The weather has been so cruel. Suddenly I miss rainy days. I miss Baiti too. Thought about her last night. Can't remember what about her I was thinking about. Still keeping my promise to pray for her each time I pray.
My desk today

Work today is a bit hectic but no stress as always. Boss is awesome, colleagues are all fun to work with, so I am super happy and ultra grateful. LOL

Post ni memang total ramble. Apa aku terfikir aku taip je. Kreativiti dah abis semalam.. ehehe...

Till next post!

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