Monday, June 16, 2014

Its a Beautiful Life

I am grateful that I am given another day to enjoy in this beautiful earth. Although death is certain and life isn't, I humbly believe that we should always plan our journey to our liking and pray for the best. God does not intend for us to live our life in agony for the rest of our life. I truly believe that God wants us to enjoy our time on Earth as much as we can. God created such beautiful and magical earth for us humans to enjoy and savor. So, lets not waste any time!

This is my long term checklist:-

1) Go for Umrah with the family
2) Get married and be madly in love
3) Have kids and teach them to be the best ummat
4) Buy a property
5) Take my parents to see beautiful places all around the world
6) Take my parents & sisters for Haj
7) Be a great friend to at least 5 people

Not many as I intend to keep it short and checked off all of the items aboved as soon as possible. I have to have a plan in order for me to achieve all those goals. As for the first goal, I have filled up the Form. Now I need to do my passport and take some photograph for Visa application. I planned to have my birthday in Mecca next year.

As for the second goal, this is slightly out of my control. However, I do hope that I get to fulfill this goal in this life time. Same goes with item 3 on the list.

Saving is not something I am good at however, in order for me to achieve the rest of the goals, I need to. Thus, I intend to save at least 300 per month. Its doable. InsyaAllah....

This post is for me, a reminder for my self. I pray for the strength to achieve them all.


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