Thursday, June 12, 2014

12 Cafe Semenyih

Moving out of our comfort zone is never easy. You have to adjust and adapt to our new surrounding in order to survive.

Its my first week living in Kajang. Since my housemates suka buat overtime, I end up alne at home every evening. I don't mind being alone at home or going out alone to dinner, I just need to find my comfort zone. A place where I can hangout and not care about what's going on around me. A place to retreat. I think I may have found just the place.

Last night, I get in touch with my former pupil in chamber. She live nearby so I ask her out for dinner. We head to 12 Cafe in Semenyih. I was drawn to the decoration of the place upon reading reviews over  the internet.

It took us 15imins to get there from my house. The place is easy to find coz it is located by the main road and it has bright lights shining all over the compound. The food is nice. They serve variety of food here. The interior deco is mind blowing.

Now i will let the photos do the talking. I will come back to try their coffee and dessert. Miam!

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