Thursday, December 26, 2013

Ink-Vomit Session

Ink vomit session is simply writing without thinking. Just write whatever came across your mind without thinking long and hard about it. Right now I feel lousy, tired and bored.

I feel neglected and taken for granted. I should make the brave and wise decision but apart of me just refuse to take that leap of faith.

I'm wondering why I am typing way faster in English. I guess my former supervisor was right. I am not really a Malay. I have a mind of an American. LOL

My mind is influenced by the book I read. Growing up, I enjoyed Enid Blyton series especially all the books that have magical creatures in it. I also enjoy the detectives series. In high school, I start picking up Malay novels. Not many tho. Mostly written by Ahadiat Akashah. There were also novel series about student life in boarding school. Asrama Tengku Ashikin or something like that.

I read a lot of novels in my Uni years. Mostly thrillers and then I changed to romance. My Aunty Zie introduced me to Danielle Steele. I'm not a huge fan tho. I prefer Nora Roberts. I am fascinated by her fascination towards Irish folklore. Catherine Colture is a good writer too. I enjoyed all the period novels. Castles, knights, princess and magic. Romance is the key ingredients.

Nowadays, I am too busy playing candy crush, watching reality tv and sleeping. I just bought 2 new novels. One by Nora Roberts and the other is a compilation of short stories by several famous authors. Bought them 2 weeks ago. They are still in the plastic bag. Boohoo..

This is the end of my ink vomit session. Till next time

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