Friday, December 13, 2013

All Time Favourites

I can be considered as a creature of habit. I love to have coffee every morning & every evening during the weekends.

I will cook and eat my own chicken soup when I am down with cold. I will also cook chicken soup if I have no idea what I'm going to eat that day. To me chicken soup is so flexible. Sometimes I eat it with rice. I love eating it with macaroni as well and chicken soup goes very well with beehoon. Just add some chilli padi and soy sauce and walla! A masterpiece. Mix it with some maggie curry seasoning and you will get curry chicken noodle.
This looks like the soup that I normally cook at home.

My favourite food would be something hot and soupy like chicken hor fun or soto ayam or laksa or curry mee or miso soup.

Whenever I am feeling down, I will clean the house.

When I feel abandoned and lonely, I will hangout at a coffee shop with my laptop and books. I will day dream and write on my blogs but most of the time, I will kill time just by surfing the net and playing online games.

I prefer to celebrate my birthdays with my family because they always remember & they never let me down.

Most weekends, I love lazing around doing absolutely nothing at home. I will spend half the time sleeping and watching tv. Get something to eat and sleep some more. There are weekends when I never even left the house for 2 straight days. Just give me internet connection, cable tv and some food. I will survive :)

I love any tv shows that have cats or dogs or both in it. Dogs whisperer, must love cats & world cutest is my favourite show at the moment.

p/s: I'I am just grateful to always have what I want in life & I always get to do exactly what I like doing.

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