Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Cholesterol Control

I've been packing extra pounds after the recent health scare. I weighed 57kg after the operation. Currently I am 64kg. 7kg gained in 7 months. I've been eating unhealthily and refused to do any work out. I was afraid that I might hurt myself in the process.

However, last Monday I went for a jog with my housemates at a nearby stadium early in the morning. It was refreshing. Might do it again tomorrow morning and make it a new habit. I also need to eat more cleanly. My dad just had his own health scare last Wednesday. He had a heart attack. It was a major heart attack as one of his artery was completely blocked.

Whilst he was being treated at Ipoh Cardiac Care Unit, he was visited by a dietitian. She ordered my dad to totally quit smoking. Apparently, my dad does not have high cholesterol level, however since he is a heavy smoker, his healthy cholesterol is too low making his cholesterol ratio unstable. Apart from that I learned that 3-1 drinks is high in cholesterol because of the creamer. I also learned that egg yolks contained high cholesterol so my dad need to limit his egg yolks in take to 2 yolks per week.

As for me, I need to stock up on green tea. Apparently, green tea not only reduce your waist line, it also reduce the level of cholesterol in your body. I need to exercise more. I can do squats and a bit of weight lifting while watching my favourite tv shows. I need to change my coffee intake too. No more non-dairy creamer. I am going to substitute it with low fat milk.

So, that's the plan. Will update my progress in the future. Wish me luck!

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