Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Getting to Know Me- Part 2

Its 12th of Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah... It has been a spiritually fulfilling period. However I am a bit sad coz I got my mens yesterday.. That explained why I was irritated the whole week last week. PMS and also Ramadhan test. I think I failed miserably.. However, I pray that Allah accepts my deed.

This year I was determined. I want to finished the Quran in this blessed month and also contemplate on the Quran. God is truly the Most Merciful. I am blessed to have the most magnificent housemates. They agree to accompany me to performed taraweh every night. We prayed at Masjid Kajang for the first night and during the weekends we went to Masjid Tuanku Mizan in Putrajaya.

MashaAllah.. That beautiful Masjid. Those awesome workers preparing iftar. The great imam with beautiful voice. I am truly blessed. Truly. I am hooked to that beautiful masjid. I couldnt imagine how happy I would feel to pray in the prophet's mosque when I feel so content in Masjid Besi. The feeling is indescribable..

All I can say is...Alhamdulillah. Thank you God for opening up my heart, for pulling me physically to the mosque. For giving me the physical ability to be there amongst those beautiful souls. May all of us reunited in Jannah together with the our beloved prophet Muhammad and his companions.

Since I have been listening to Mufti Menk's last Ramadhan tazkirah, i keep thinking of the companions of the prophets. Keep imagining them living with prophet Muhammad. Going through all those battles and trials. They fought to spread the deen. The go to war, spend their money just to make sure that we receive the deen today. We get to practice this beautiful faith freely today.

I wonder whether they even imagine all the ease and blessings that we get to enjoy today. To practice the deen peacefully, freely and openly. To have bountiful of food to eat. In many of the sirah, we know that the prophet often do not have much to eat. What ever he received, he would share amongst his companions. When he is presented with delicious food, the prophet remembers his daughter Fatima and asked some of the food to be sent to her as its been awhile since Fatima get to eat such food.Such love... Amazing subhanAllah....

Today, we are wasteful. Even in the month of Ramadhan. Oh Allah forgive  me. I do not want to be wasteful. If ever I'm not going to finished something, I would remind myself of the story of prophet Muhammad. Help me not to be wasteful ya Allah.

I hope all the good habits that I managed to gain during this Holy month, I could carry out after Ramadhan ended. I want to save enough money so I could pay for my own wedding ceremony. I want to have enough money to lead a comfortable life after marriage. I cannot be wasteful in anyway.

This is my weakness. Financial management. I hope I manage to overcome it with the will of Allah. Make me wiser. Oh Allah, give me enough so that I do not ask from anyone else but you. Allah is the ultimate provider. I believe that Allah shall provide so that I always have enough.

Thank you Allah for this contentment I feel. Alhamdulillah

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