Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Down Syndrome's Baby

So recently a colleague of mine found out that she is expecting a baby. She was married about a year ago. She kept the secret under wrap for quite some. She was worried to tell anyone since she is slightly older than the average women who is expecting the first child.

So, she underwent all this checks to make sure the baby is healthy and normal. One of the test she took was a test to determine whether she will have a down syndrome baby or not. I am the type of person who loves to keep inquiring and at the same time observe how people think and  just reflect on my self. One of the burning question was " What would you do if the test result shows that the baby has down syndrome?"

Without any hesitation, she answered, "I will go for abortion. I know it is wrong, but I don't want the baby to suffer and I don't want to suffer."

Being the person who loves to share, I told her. In Islam, those who has special needs like down syndrome, they are very special. We call them people of paradise.Why? They are created by God to live and enjoy the world without facing any consequences. They could not think for themselves, they teach us to be patient. So to those families who are blessed with such special people, know that God is testing them.

If they are patient, if they take care of those who could not take care of themselves, those family will be rewarded with paradise as well.I told her, special need baby is a blessing. If you have one, just take care of the child. In the hereafter, the child will take care of you.

Anak aset ke syurga. How we mold them, care for them shall determine your life in the hereafter. Be grateful if you already have children of your own. I pray that God will given me children of my own one day.



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