Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Facing Up to Fazura

Last weekend I accidentally tuned to E channel and they have Facing Up to Fazura FUTF) on. Well, I am a fan of Fazura. Loved her in Gol and Gincu but I'm not an obsessed type of fan la. Once upon a time I am obsessed with NYSYC. Well, those were the days. 

Back to Fazura, I like her acting in Gol and Gincu. I truly feels as if she is playing herself in the series.A cute and nice type of person. I guess its true. When I watch FUTF, I can see what type of person she is. She is a manja type of person, cute yet she has this mature yet sophisticated beauty to her. I like how she speaks English, so Malaysian, like that! No weird accent, I likey!

I think I watched Ep. 2 of FUTF. It was not as entertaining as KUWTK but it is a decent attempt. It shows another side of Malaysian to the world. A modern upscale young beautiful and sophisticated Malaysian. Well, she could very well be the Malaysian Kimora Lee Simmons!

I did not watch the show till the end tho. Its not that its boring or anything, its just lacked drama. Reality tv is all about the drama in my humble opinion lah. They tried to fill in a bit of drama about Sara Ali and her best fren Vi/Vee who was thrown into the pool during a birthday party, but for me, it was not dramatic enough. It seems scripted (a bit).

Again, good attempt y'all

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