Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Problem, A Test of Faith and a Blessing in Disguise

Alhamdulillah. This year, due to Allah's perfect planning, I have moved closer to my office that is in Kajang. SubhanAllah, the transition was smooth and I click with my housemates right away. I often forgot that this is a blessing by Allah to me. Although both pf them are young, we have no problem communicating, cooking, jogging and shopping together. InsyaAllah, we will try to go to jemaah at the nearby masjid together.

The nice and innocent one

The youngest and loudest and happiest one

I was reminded to be grateful of this blessing when I was told a story by my close sahabah during Twins of Faith Conference. This sahabah is around my age. We used to be roommates when we were in UiTM Shah Alam. Although our relationship in UiTM was for a short period of time, alhamdulillah by God's grace and technology, we kept in touch until today.

She is currently living in a rented apartment just like I am with younger females, again, just like me. She is kind hearted and homely. Being a government servant with an important portfolio, she could be strict at times and yet still stay humble. She told me that she is having a huge fight with her housemate and now they are not talking. She said that no matter what the argument is she will be the one to apologize so that they will be no tension around the house.Being older that her housemates, she felt that she deserved to be respected and she has the tendency of lecturing, in a very nice way whenever there are arguments in the house. However, whatever lessons she is trying to convey, fell on deal ears. She said that despite all of her good deeds towards this particular housemate, somehow when they argue, all these good deed she had done, did not seem to matter anymore.

May Allah ease her burden and this was my reply to her. I may have paraphrased here but I said something along these line

"I truly believe that I was here with you as your sahabah attending this conference and loving you for who you are, is for a beneficial purpose. You have something to teach me and I have something to teach you. Believe it or not, I have been in your situation but under even worse circumstances. MasyaAllah. A few months back, I was travelling with a few of my family members. Due to my weak faith, I neglected my obligatory deeds towards Allah SWT. I know that I have sinned but it felt so difficult to perform prayers during the journey. Silently I fought this battle with shaitan and I lost. I did my obligatory deeds half heartedly and my heart felt unsettled. This ultimately change my mood and demeanor all through the journey. I neglected my family members, I kept to my self and ultimately hurts their feelings.A few days after that I received a text from one of my sisters. She said that she was hurt because I neglected her and her kids during the journey. She was so upset that she said she does not want to have anything to do with me anymore. She regretted spending her annual leave taking care of me when I was in the hospital undergoing major surgeries. She further added that I do not deserve to be respected as a big sister and she do not want to know anything about me anymore. My reply to my sister was simple. I tried explaining to her the truth of the matter but fighting shaitan is a bit heavy for her to comprehend as Allah has yet to grant her hidayah on this matter. Nevertheless I told her that I am so sorry that I upset her. I told her that I really really appreciate all her kindness that she showed to me whilst I was in the hospital. As I am only human, I do not have the means to return the favour but I asked Allah to return the favour to her in the form of pahala and Jannah during the hereafter.

After telling my sahabah the story, I told her that everything happened for a reason. The first and most valuable lesson that we can take is sabar, patience. God loves whoever that remain patience when he or she is being tested. Her situation and my situation is a test of faith. Ultimately, He wants us to turn to God for guidance.I told her, do not do any good deeds to be remembered and acknowledge by humans. Do it for the sake of Allah, for pahala. Hopefully the deeds will help during the weighing at masyar. In terms of spreading lessons, I reminded her to our prophet Muhammad SAW. He preached. He is the prophet. Despite all his sacrifice, there are still many who did not turn to Allah. How can we as humans expect that our lecture, teachings or reminders will be remembered and followed by another human? Sabar is the key. We can keep reminding them but hidayah and human hearts is being held in God's hand. It is not your housemates fault that she argues with you. It is a test for you. A sign that Allah loves you. So instead of being sad with the whole situation, be grateful, be happy that Allah is testing you. It means that He has not forgotten you. SubhanAllah

After our heart to heart session, she felt better alhamdulillah. We hugged and said our goodbyes.By God, I truly loves her. When Baiti passed away, this sahabah came back into my life. I thank Allah for His blessings. I pray that our relationship will flourish and pleased Him.


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