Friday, December 26, 2014

S.O.S: A Wet Christmas for Malaysia

Flood in Malaysia is not uncommon. Its a seasonal thing. Malaysian were hit by drought where we have water shortage in a number of places. That usually happens in the month of  March til maybe Jun. Now when everywhere else in the world is having a white Christmas, Malaysia is having a very wet Christmas.

It was reported in the news that, this time around, Malaysia is hit with the worst flood ever. Pictures of buildings swallowed by water filled up my FB timeline for the past week. The photo that affect me the most was pictures of hospitals which are not spared from the flood. I could not imagine the condition the patients, nurses and doctors have to faced when the hospital buildings are being swallowed by water. They said that there is no power and patients who are relying on machines have to be helped manually. SubhanAllah!

God help them. Ease their burden. Aameen

It is sad, watching the news and leaders are saying that "we will helped them"; "helped is on the way"; "I am going to visit them once the weather improve"; "we are doing our best to mobilize asset" yet, they are giving press conference in the comfort of their office. Worst still, some leaders are away on oversea trip, playing golf with Obama, cycling on a mountain ridge in New Zealand with family. To make matters even worst, they blame each other for the flood! How is this helping the flood victims?

The only leader that made the effort to see how the victims are doing in the moment of crisis is the Perak's Sultan, Raja Nazrin. His state was also hit by flood. It is a rare occasion for the state of Perak to be affected but natural disaster happens. This is the time when victims need the support of their elected leaders the most.

I pray that the situation ease up and help could be mobilized to the victims as soon as possible. Let us not forget that this crisis is a test of faith from Allah SWT. Allah is not only testing those who are affected by the flood, but He is testing all of us as His humble servants. Are we just going to sit and watch, crolling our FB page, watching the news at the comfort of our own home whilst our brothers and sisters struggling to save their life? May Allah protect us all and give us the strength and courage to help those in need. Aameen!

For those who would like to help, do read the poster below and give what you can. May Allah blessed all your good deeds and grant you Jannah in the hereafter. InsyaAllah

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