Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Muslims Ban in America

One for the history book. Less than a week in office, President Trump has issued several moronic Executive Orders. One of it is Muslims Ban. Its a term coined by press i supposed because basically Trump is stopping all entries to US for 7 Muslims Countries. Eventho those entering are US citizens.

Those affected are mostly Muslims travelers, immigrants and refugees. The reason for the "temporary" ban was national security. Trump wants a better vetting system in place for those visiting US from these 7 countries.

People all over the world is protesting. The amount of riot and protest in US is at all time high. Reading the news and watching the videos shared by friends in US, its devastating and surreal. Its like we are all moving backwards.

It is sad really. The land of freedom is not as free as it used to be anymore I guess.

Although Malaysia is not directly affected by the ban, I just feel that the ban is inhumane. What is those who are travelling due to business reason have families in US. They were stranded in airports for hours and according to the Executive Orders, they are to be deported. What would happened to the family?

As fellow human, I could not help but to sympathize with those who are affected. May God grant you ease in these trying times.

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