Monday, February 27, 2017

Work Life Balance

My company tries their best to promote work life balance. We can get flexi hours, we can claim for gym subscriptions, music class and whatever that can promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Last week, we were shaken by the passing of one of our colleague due to heart failure. She was well liked, hardworking and have been serving the company for more than 24 years. We were told that she spent long hours in the office, always working till late in the night. Everyone was sadden by the news and advice were circulating asking everyone to take good care of our own health and work cannot take precedent over our own health.

Since I did not know the deceased, I was not too affected by the news. Working with this company has it owns pros and cons. It is my first local and public listed company. The work culture is very different. Since the company is so big, its hard to know everyone except for colleagues working in the same department.

Although I do mainly corporate works, I hardly feel that I am in a corporate world. Its weird. This company is a down to earth cooperate company in my opinion. I'm still very new to this company so my opinion is a bit limited.

So far, life in this new company has been an adventure and a blessing. I hope to continue learning and give added value to the company in every assignment that is assign to me.

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