Tuesday, February 16, 2016

February 2016

The month of February has always been a very short month for me. However, it is also the most eventful month simply because there are long holidays due to Chinese New Year.

Anyway, this post serves as a reminder to me.I am just thinking and planning for this amazing 2016. I have Europe Trip locked in July. I need my annual island holiday. Thinking of exploring Perhentian as I have not been there. I need to explore 1 Asean country too this year.

The main theme for my 2016 is save money to travel and eat.

Talking about eating, I am expanding side ways and I am not loving it. So, the next on the list of things to do this year is to get a six pack for my abs. Sound far fetched at the moment. But that is the goal I want to work on this year.

So to recap in order of priority:

1. Save lots of money
2. Discover Europe
3. Discover Perhentian
4. Discover 1 Asean country
5. Have a flat and sexy six pack abs

I am continuously saving money. I am collecting the Green Notes as 1 of the method. I am also putting away RM1 each day starting this month. I also set aside RM50 per month. As of now I have RM176. I am getting ang pow as well, so I should be able to save at least RM200 this month.

I would need RM1,000 for an island holiday. Once I manage to set aside RM1000, perhentian, here I come!!

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