Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Eating From Baby Diapers (Viral Post)

Since yesterday I have seen shares regarding a baby shower in Malaysia that made guests use diapers as plates for their food. Yes. Baby diapers as plates instead of paper plates or plastic plates or glass plates.


Most commentators are just disgusted with the image. But I think they are disgusted by their own thoughts and imaginations. Most people are simple minded really. Diapers are for poops and not food. Simple right? You do not need high education to arrive to that simple conclusion.

from Google image

I decided to write on this because I just don't share the same reactions. I don't feel disgusted. If I was at the baby shower and that is how they are serving their food, I would not mind it at all. After all, its baby diapers that are clean and unused.

There are other argument stating how expensive it is to use diapers instead of the usual paper plates, how wasteful it is, how inappropriate it is how it is not what the Islam teaches bla bla bla.. You can argue till the cows come home but its their freaking baby shower, its their freaking money so let them do what they want. People on the social media are sharing the posts just to curse and say bad things to the event organizer when they did  not even invite you to the event. You were not ask to eat using diapers.

Why bother la wei???

Seriously people. I see videos of Syrians kids picking up bread crumbs on the ground. The crumbs covered in dusts and God knows what. They put it in their mouth. It is still food to them. Who give a shit about that?? Only a handful of us shares the video.

There are bigger issue to think about, to discuss, to share. Start by looking into your own personal affairs. Are they in order? If they are not, why are we meddling in someone else's life? Why?

Give it a rest people. Live your life and stop being so sensitive to petty issues.

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