Tuesday, December 15, 2015


I am touching a life, helping it to grow and change for the better in sha Allah. Perhaps I am also touching a heart in the process. In return, his small gestures touches my heart. A finger under my eye, to remove a fallen eyelash. A thumb on my cheek, to remove bread crumbs (i am a messy eater)

The thing is I could fall for this guy. But my guard is so high up right now.I need more than small gestures. I need more than love and happiness. I need an everlasting love. Love till the end of time the end of days. Only God could provide me with such love. No man posses such infinite love.

Why am I craving for that love? Maybe because deep in my heart, I know I could attain it. I just have to increase in my worships, my good deeds, my love for Allah and Prophets.

I just need to be consistent. Be patient. Keep praying and believe in His mercy.

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