Wednesday, May 14, 2014


The climax to my IBS issue is that it is actually not IBS. I had endometriosis. It was blocking my rectum. Dummy's guide to endometriosis as below.

To cut things short, I had an obstruction and was admitted to KPJ Damansara on 22 March 2014. It was a Saturday. I am thankful that my youngest sister Anna was staying nearby my house. She rushed me to the hosp and I underwent an emergency operation the same day at 9pm. The surgery was to ease my obstructed intestines.

Again, to cut it short, the pain was unbearable. All I was thinking was, please make the pain go away. I forgot a lot of things. I can't even remember if I pray to God to seek His forgiveness. However I do remember to "mengucap" before I went "offline". I was totally overcome with pain. However, I did not cry, not a single tear. 

The operation took 5 hours. Recovery was fast, smooth and almost painless. After 27 days and 3 major operation, I was discharged. It took 3 surgeons, 3 anesthetists, 2 physiotherapists and a group of patient and gentle nurses to cure me.

Friends and family keep telling me how strong I am but honestly, without the prayers from my family and friends, I would have died. 

I am convinced that I have died on the operation table, 3 times, but since God is Great and most forgiving and most merciful, I was given another chance to live on His beautiful earth. I spent 27 days talking to God, analyzing my life and trying to mend fences with God. I am convince that God listen to my every word and thoughts during that  27 days. 

I try my best to purified my thoughts, my speech and my action. But I am only human. One wrong step, I was punished instantly. I felt so small, so helpless, so weak and I am leaning and depending on God's mercy for each and every breath I took in that hospital.

I have another surgery to go to. I am putting it off so that I can resume work. I am grateful and happy to announce that I am recovering well. I will try to share my agonizing experience once I am ready.

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