Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My IBS updates

Last week was super rough. I stopped taking meds and just continue drinking virgin coconut oil, peppermint tea, chamomile tea and coffee but reduced my gluten intake, as a result my condition worsen. I actually woke up at least twice each night to go to the toilet. Each time, its watery. I felt so tired by the end of the week till I decided to take medical leave on Friday and see my GP.

My GP told me the same thing but I insist him to prescribed me with anti diarrhea pills apart from my usual IBS meds. So, I started my meds cycle and took the meds as prescribed by the doctor.

It took 2 days for my bowel to adjust to the meds. I still woke up in the middle of the night during the first and 2nd night. It gets better on the 3rd night and lasted until last night.The rumbling still continues, the discomfort is still there but at least I had a good night sleep therefore I am grateful.

I ran out of meds today so I had to be careful with what I eat today. I drank a can of latte, definitely not Paleo. Then I drank a glass of plain water. Around 10.30am I made my self a cup of decaf coffee and had a slice of chocolate raisins bread. Just a few minutes after the meal I start experiencing flatulence and rumbling sounds in my intestine. The discomfort can be considered as mild.

During lunch, I went to a vegetarian shop. Had curry vermicelli and grass jelly can drink. No discomfort after the meal but upon arrival at the office, I feel the need to go to the toilet. I guess, my body had finished digesting my food. Now I don't feel much discomfort. Either my lunch has gone down the toilet or it actually I agrees with me.

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