Thursday, February 16, 2012

He is More Than Just A Man

He is everything and more a girl could ask for.  He is a loyal son, a great brother, a supportive husband, a proud father of his 4 lovely daughters and a cheerful grandfather.

Tho he is far from perfect, he has a special place in my heart. He is my Dad.

My Sister Yus & My Dad

He is a teacher and a friendly one. He doesn't normally scold students but I must say, he has his moments. Among his colleague and friends, he is always helpful.

My Dad & Ahmad Rayyan Haqimie
He is still a wonderful teacher, an amazing dad and now, he is a proud grandfather. His grandson, is his latest apple of his eye.

I do believe that he has a big heart and that is why he can afford to love his parents, his wife, his daughters, his grandson, his students and his friends unconditionally. 

He hardly told me that he loves me, but I know deep inside my heart that he loves me with all his heart. He is always proud of me and he has never given up on me. Whenever I am in a fixed, I know that I can always run to him for shelter.

I would be very happy if I win the Alain Delon giveaway by brother Eqbal as I am going to give it to my Dad, a man who has given so much to everyone without ever asking anything in return.

1) My Sisters: Yus & Anna
2) An Amazing Writer and also My Dad's Former Student: Dill

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dill said...

wah! mcm mana boleh terlepas entri yang ni?!

i'll write something if possible. :)


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