Monday, October 13, 2014

Review: Teater P. Ramlee the Musical

Last Friday I had the chance to go and watch P. Ramlee the Musical at Istana Budaya so here is my humble review.

First of all, the lead actor Tony Eusoff was impressive. Strong voice and he played the part very well. Really as if we are watching P. Ramlee himself. Next, Lisa Surihani where she played Junaidah, P. Ramlee's 1st wife. She could improve on her singing  tho but I must say I was impress. I didn't know she could even sing. However, the part where she had to sing and cry at the same time, not too good.. I know she is trying to feel the character and all, however she really need to control her voice during that part. Good effort still...

Tiara, the Queen. Awesome performance. She is a super senior in Malaysian theater so, no surprise there. Love her part, her voice, her everything! Saloma was played by Nadia Aqilah. Seriously, I don't know who she is before the musical. Upon googling, I think she is a singer. Great voice, great performance. Totally blown away by her talent.

As for supporting actors such as the paparazzi. At first, I was annoyed with their appearance  but towards the end, their performance was getting more and more powerful. Great voice, really great voice, awesome scripts. JJ and Pak Nil did well so does the Shaw Brothers duo.

Overall, great performance.Awesome choreograph! Since this is only my 2nd time watching musical, my opinion is still limited. The first was Lat the musical and that was almost 4 years ago perhaps? Somehow I feel Lat was somewhat better than P. Ramlee. Just my 2 cents.

 Looking forward to PGL in November!

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