Monday, September 19, 2016

Waiting is Stressful

I have exactly 9 more working days in DB. Last week i get to clean up my drawers. Organized a lil bit so that the transition would be smoother.

Still waiting for my boss to return. Hate that he is away when I feel like I have so much on my plate right now. The fact is that, I do not have much to do so I end up overthinking every single thing. Its driving me crazy.

I need to focus on something else other than my last days in DB. I need a project. So... my bf birthday is coming up. Its next week actually. I'm pretty sad that I can't make a huge fuss out of it coz I'm saving my money for a new place.

The whole situation just stress me out and making me sad. But I still want to make it special for him. I'm not sure how yet. I could postpone the celebration but it wouldn't feel nice not to do anything on his birthday. I think on the day of his birthday we are going to have a simple dinner and simple gift. The actual gift will just have to wait for awhile. It pains me even to type this out.

Writing in this blog is not helping... So, might as well stop for now.


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