Thursday, August 20, 2015

Turning Back to Allah - Pleasing Him

I feel like I made a mistake. Somewhere...My heart is unsettled. The fact that I am not able to pray is not helping things at all.

I wanted to move forward planning my wedding yet something does not feels right. Is it because he has yet to send his family to speak to my family and officially seal the deal? I keep reminding my self. Those act is just formalities. If we could agree on everything between just the 2 of us and our families if coz, the formalities could be left behind. Religion before tradition.

Financial. It is a subject which I hate to think and discuss. To me, this is the subject that could ruin everything. No doubt that it is important. We need money for the ceremony, We need money to start a new life. We need money for everything but....

We always forget that Allah is the ultimate provider. He is the source to all our need. Whatever it might be, if we asked from Allah, He shall provide.

I need to shift back my focus. I need to pleased Allah. Not my self. Not anyone else. Pleased Allah first. Increase in my practice. Increase my ibadah. My good deeds. Everything I do has to be for Allah. I cannot lose that focus if I want to pleased Him.

This post is a bit all over the place. Scattered like my mind at the moment.

I'm sorry

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